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Were JTCC cars built with JIC hardware?

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  • Were JTCC cars built with JIC hardware?

    Curious if there's an answer out there. I'd imagine some teams bought shells and built cars locally, using JIC and not ISO hardware. Left field question.

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    Thats going to be hard to quantify some 30+ years later.
    Your sample size could be pretty small. If you found just two cars to compare you could have a 50% difference.

    If I was going to bet my own money on this question, I'd bet that they built them to the same specs and hardware as in the Gruppe A ops manual.
    If they had the budget to buy and build new Gruppe A shells, they probably had the budget to build the cars exactly as BMW Motorsport spec'd them in the ops manual.

    The British teams played around with sub assembly components (like say british AP brakes vs Brembo, Lister airjacks, Premier fuel cells) but nowhere did I find any hardware changes, if thats what you are pondering.
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      There's more to fasteners than just finding diameter, grade and thread pitch that more or less match. The big unknown is, what is the appropriate torque when using a 'matching' fastener in order to end up with the same clamping force as with the specified fastener. That's the only thing that counts and not easily deducted from torque spec alone.
      Not worth to reengineer this compared to just ordering the specced fasteners.

      So I'd say none of the cars were built with fasteners that complied only to JIC standards.