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  • Barber roll call

    Tried this last year and got no replies. Just wodnering if there are any E30 M3 guys going to Barber next weekend from anywhere but Dallas.

    Here is the DFW contingent:
    1. Me/Mark W- Zebra colored in need of a paint job (white, grey, black)
    2. Matt B (not really DFW)- may not be in his E30 M3
    3. Nick- Henna
    4. Brian- Zinno (racer)
    5. Freddie- black
    6. Greg- red patina (if he gets it running)
    7. Will- white (racer)
    8. Bob- black (racer)
    9. Bill- white (or may be in an E46 M3)

    We will paddock in the same place as last time....right up from the tower on the first tier.

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    Atlanta people don't like to travel to Barber?


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      I know this is the Track forum, but you might just post it to the general page and see if anyone responds and then get Magnus to move it once people see it. Nobody monitors this page...

      I'll be there
      Speed, as Iíve said many times before, makes you cleverer.

      -Jeremy Clarkson


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        I am on your list Bruce, so I guess I will be there as well


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          I am on your list Bruce, so I guess I will be there as well


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            I plan to make it Barber again (and actually run on the track) but not coming up.


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              I'll be driving the Zebra... and also bringing Datsunfreak so that's an even 10 .
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              Mark Williams
              Dallas, TX

              Nothing says "welcome to the neighborhood" like a search... oh wait... looks like they are all gone! :rastajake: