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So.. Who here is tracking their cars?

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    Originally posted by dig-design
    That's cool, I'd never heard of BIR. I looked up their site and found an arial view of the track.
    It looks like a lot of fun. I bet the first 2 corners after the long straight are fast ones. (I assume it's run clockwise..?)
    there arent too many tracks in my area, but BIR is very fun. the straight is a mile long. with a jc chip and evo 2 lower airbox im doing 125 at the end of the straight, flat into turn, i come out at a bit over 130mph. i have to say with stock suspension on 50 profile tires, its a bit scary.

    the back section of the track is great as well. all 3rd gear, i get to toss the car a bit. i can get right on the ass of pretty much any car in this section.

    most people dont really push it into turnw 1 or 2 either, so i sometimes find myself stuck behind 911s and 360s at the quickest part of the track.

    has anybody else lapped here?


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      I managed to get in 11 track days this year between MSR (Motorsport Ranch) and TWS (Texas World Speedway), until I blew my motor at O'Fest (rebuild is under way).
      I'm also doing two days at Gateway International this weekend, in the e34 535i. We'll see how the big pig does.
      That, and I've done 12 autocrosses also.
      Now I have no tires, no brakes, and no motor
      Speed, as Iíve said many times before, makes you cleverer.

      -Jeremy Clarkson


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        I Obtained my M3 in aug and used it at Blackhawk farms raceway in Illinois and Gingerman raceway in Michigan. The car needs work and upgrades but will remain near stock.
        I also track a Birkin.


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          So far this year:
          4/11: White Mountain BMWCCA at NHIS
          5/1: Boston BMWCCA at NHIS
          5/30: White Mountain BMWCCA at NHIS
          5/31-6/1: COMSCC at NHIS
          7/12-14: NER PCA at Mont-Tremblant
          7/25: Schattenbaum PCA at Lime Rock
          8/9-10: NER PCA at Mont-Tremblant
          8/22: White Mountain BMWCCA at NHIS

          More info about my car here
          Seattle, WA
          1988 M3, ex j-stock
          1984 911, RoW 3.2
          1990 Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9