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  • <Elephant Motorsports> Aftermarket diff cooler kit

    Well, as I continue to build my car (and my partner his) we of course develop things for ourselves that we think are good items to offer to the community. The other thing on our list is a diff cooler. I'd looked into these previously and there are some offerings out there but again, they didn't meet what I felt was a good solution. So we put our own together.

    It's a complete kit with pump, all plumbing/fittings, electric fan, and of course, the cooler. The cooler is a Setrab so again, easily replaceable should it get damaged. All plumbing is AN, hose is Aeroquip stainless braided. The fan is a SPAL, small and lightweight.

    I must say that you should check with your diff builder on whether or not you need a cooler kit. Of course we'd love to sell you a kit but if you don't need one then why spend the $$$ right? In some cases the M Coupe cover will suffice.

    We don't anticipate this being a bolt in kit, IE the hose will not be cut, as each person may have their own particular mounting scheme/requirements. Once I get mine fitted I'll be happy to provide pics and details. If one wanted it the same as mine then we would prefab it so that it is bolt in for an additional $75.

    Pricing for the kit is $584.95 as a rough kit or $659.95 as bolt in based on my fitment (yet to be completed).

    If you have any questions, please let me know. Cheers.

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    Any pictures of this setup?


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      Pics please!


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        Third on the pictures request!