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Chasing a piece of history - video

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  • Chasing a piece of history - video

    Got to chase a full 2.5ltr DTM spec early 90's race car at SMP last weekend in Sydney, Australia. Have revered the car in front for 20 years.
    Based my build on it in fact. Admittedly, was always going to fall a long way short starting with a street car...

    The Benson & Hedges car is the best known, most sucessful racing e30 M3, in Australia's history.
    Frankly, a privilege to be out there banging with it on a club day.

    Unfortunately I didn't have my slicks on and the rscpecs were 5 sessions old so the mid corner grip was down a bit. Not sure the result would have been any different though. He could have pushed it harder to keep me at bay I'm sure. Quick little car. He broke the Group A historic race car track record by over a second on the day. He was out there walking all over track prepped 997.2 GT3s. He runs similar times to a 997 Cup Car. Weighs 960kgs and has the 350hp enduro motor (I think).

    My car is 1050kgs, half cage, HnR track sport susp, a big brake kit and has a 330hp 2.5 s14 build. A few other goodies too of course. Oh, and a 6sp sequential box.

    I hope you fellow M3 enthusiasts enjoy!
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    Awesome, just awesome big fella.
    I bet you would have loved to have the full slicks on that day. It was a perfect day for it.

    "But most of all...
    ... I like the way you move......"


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      Nice job working the sequential box. I didn't hear a single crash, you are smooth. It must have been expertly installed and adjusted. Lucky man, nice car.
      /Walter Boggs


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        nice! I enjoyed watching that. Gear spacing is sweet on that gearbox too. Love it how the first couple of laps are at warming up pace and then later on the S14 really gets to sing its song!
        Will get mine out on the weekend and drive it properly on some twisty roads


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          Nice video. The B&H car is one my favorites. It's great that your car can hang with a legend like that. Loved that sequential box too. Thanks for sharing.


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            You may not know the brand of the sequential box?


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              Very cool! I had just finished posting some pictures of the Benson & Hedges car and saw this. I added your video to the timeline. Love your car and that seq-box.


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                Originally posted by lucam3evo2 View Post
                You may not know the brand of the sequential box?
                Do you know?


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                  "But most of all...
                  ... I like the way you move......"