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Just picked up my first M3! - 1988 DS

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  • Just picked up my first M3! - 1988 DS

    Hello all,

    I was fortunate enough to pick up a 98,000 mile clean titled 1988 Diamond Schwarz M3 this fall (thanks to the forum) after searching for a good 5 months. Thought I’d post up some pics and details for everyone. She’s had a few owners, but I have all the records back to the original purchase from the dealer. It has had quite a bit of work done on it and I will be focusing primarily on finishing touches. Since I have had it, I added an Italvolanti Formel steering wheel, shift boot leather, and conditioned the leather. Next up for me is re-doing the exhaust (thinking VSR center section into a stromung) and figuring out a way to hide the accelerometer and mount the AIM data acquisition in a clean location. The motor is a non-original 2.5 liter 2500 Rally Engine from Metric Mechanic. The good thing is that it came with the original engine as well which I have on a stand in the corner of the garage (spun bearing). Most everything on the drive train is new, I listed below a list of recent mods performed by the previous owner. Overall I couldn’t be happier.
    1. Engine
      1. 2.5 liter metric mechanic rally motor
      2. H beam rods
      3. Rally cams
      4. Ported polished heads
      5. Oil pan baffle
      6. RC engineering flow tested and cleaned injectors
      7. New spark plugs
      8. New rotor cap and cap
    2. Engine Bay
      1. Aluminum radiator
      2. Samco silicon hoses (Blue) with heater hose recall fix
      3. Stainless steel hose clamps
      4. Polyurethane alternator bushings
      5. New BMW thermostat
      6. Korman heavy duty Plunem bushing
      7. Setrab oil cooler
      8. Braided nylon hose oil cooler lines with AN fittings
      9. Magnecor ignition wires
      10. GSP low cross fire ignition wire bracket
      11. New BMW motor mounts
      12. New heat shield
      13. New crank sensors
      14. Subframe reinforcements performed
      15. Front shock tower bar
    3. Drive Train
      1. Rogue engineering shifter
      2. Rogue carbon fiber shift knob
      3. Rogue weighted selector rod
      4. JB racing light weight flywheel
      5. Street clutch with un-sprung hub
      6. Rebuilt drive shaft (Driveline of Atlanta)
    4. Front Suspension
      1. Treehouse Racing control arm brackets/ bushings
      2. New steel control arms
      3. New tie rods
      4. Stock struts assemblies blasted and powder coated (gloss black)
        1. Sway bar reinforcements performed
        2. New upper strut bearings
        3. New upper plates
        4. New spring pads upper and lower (thicker pads used to reduce drop for better clearance on street)
        5. New wheel bearings with ABS rings
        6. New cup, collar nut, and cap
        7. New dust covers
        8. New HW
      5. Tie rod arms blasted and powdered coated to match struts
      6. Koni - TC Kline valved externally adjustable (12mm shafts) inserts
      7. Ireland Engineering race springs (spring rates similar to H&R, aggressive street not true race)
      8. Ireland Engineering fixed camber plates (adds 1.25 degree negative camber)
    5. Rear Suspension
      1. Koni - TC Kline valved externally adjustable (12mm shafts) shocks
      2. Ireland Engineering race springs
      3. New spring pads
      4. TC Kline rear shock mounts
    6. Interior
      1. AIM MyCron3 XG Log data acquisition system (wired to ignition, professional install)
      2. Ram mounted display to windshield (removable with no assault to interior)

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    Better Pics!


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      Congrats. Looks like a nice example and the original engine came with the car. This tells me the previous owner was a very intelligent man who cared for the car well.

      I purchased the vsr cats and the stromung exhaust for my Lachs and am very happywith the sound.

      Where did you find the car? Was it advertised for sale?
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        Looks super nice congrats


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          Very nice looking car. Congratulations!
          There'll be Spandex jackets one for everyone ...


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            Welcome to the club, she looks real good. Post up some more pics and engine shots would be cool. What are you plans for her? Enjoy and have fun.



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              Thanks guys! The car actually was not advertised. I posted a WTB thread and was contacted by an individual in Louisville, KY. He took very good care of the car and saved virtually all of the OEM parts he took off and included them in the deal. I will get some more pictures up later this weekend! My plans are to use it as a weekend warrior and get it into show condition and take it to some cars shows. Most of the hard work has been done, so I will be focusing on wheels, tires, exhaust, and some detail work.


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                Nice score. Just out of curiosity, do you blow through your front suspension travel over the smallest bumps? I have the same front and rear dampers with H&R springs and the car seems undersprung or under damped on the compression side. My suspension would bottom out pulling into the garage over a 1 inch lip. (doesn't do this with a set of Bilstein sports up front)

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                '88 M3


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                  Nice find and example, good to see you got it from an owner that took care of it


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                    Very nice! Congrats and welcome!