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1989 Lachssilber ///M3

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  • 1989 Lachssilber ///M3

    So this is going to be my first build thread. I have had a couple BMW's prior to picking up this e30 M3 yet am much happier now. I have an alpine white e46 m3 and an f30 335i Msport. I had a 1990 325is in alpine white until Friday when I sold it to fund the e30 M3. Ended up getting $9k for the 325is so I was happy. Now onto the good stuff.

    I picked this car up this past friday from my buddy that I have known for almost 10 years. It was his dream car but had been sitting for 5 years and was time to let her go. I have been joking/bugging him for the last few years to sell it to me and he finally made the decision. The car is a 1989 lachssilber (salmon silver) with grey interior. Like I mentioned, the car has been sitting for 5 years so needs some attention yet overall pretty nice. It has 257k miles on the clock and the motor was rebuilt around 70k miles ago.

    The first step is to get the car running, I had it towed to my house since I didn't want to risk pushing bad fuel into the motor and cause problems.
    The parts that are on order now are as followed:
    -front brake pads/rotors
    -rear brake pads/rotors
    -stainless steel brake lines (x6)
    -brake fluid flush
    -drain the fuel tank and flush
    -fuel filter
    -air cleaner
    -spark plugs
    -intake elbow
    -motor oil/filter
    -redline trans fluid
    -redline diff fluid
    -accessory belts

    On to the photos:
    -The car as it was sitting at my buddy's house and getting ready to load onto the tow truck

    Since I live on a main street in San Diego, the tow truck wasn't able to get the car into the driveway without blocking traffic. So I had to use my Tow Car to get the M3 the rest of the way into the driveway

    Exterior Shots

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    Interior Shots

    Engine Bay Shots

    Some goodies that were stored in the trunk

    Again, I am so excited to have been able to pick this car up and appreciate my buddy selling it to me for a great price. So anxious to get the parts on the car and get it driving.


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      Congrats on your e30 m3! She looks to be in very good shape! With a little TLC she will be back on the road. What are your plans with her after she is driving?



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        I just finished pumping about a 1/3 tank out of the fuel tank. I removed the full pump and sucked it all out. When I do the fuel filter on friday, I will try to drain the rest. Until then...

        Hey everyone, so I started to remove/inspect some of the parts I will be replacing Thurs/Fri to get a head start ( I'm flying to china for work on Saturday and would like to get it running before then).

        I removed the plugs and wires so I could squirt some motor oil in the cylinders. I wanted the rings to soak a couple days prior to starting the motor. Plugs actually looked pretty good along with the motor oil, they must have been changed prior to the car sitting.

        This morning I put the rear of the car on stands and pulled the back wheels off to inspect the brakes. They are rusted, but pads and rotors look fairly unused as well. My buddy also had just put ground control coil overs on the car right before it sat so I dont have to worry about springs/shocks.

        Also, the black tape on the front bumper looks horrible. Can you guys recommend a method to remove it without damaging/scratching the paint/trim?

        I will be looking at tires today, can you guys recommend good tires for the Style 5's? The wheels are square I believe and are 17"x8"

        Some work was done tonight, I removed the back brake assemblies including the lines. The intermediate (e30's have 6 rubber) lines look tough to get to, so I ordered a set of crowfeet sockets. Sure hope that does the trick, I don't feel like dropping the subframe. Rear diff fluid is also drained, waiting for Fridays package.

        Also I just ordered a set of 235/40/17's Nitto NT05's to throw on the style 5's. Ill be disassembling the wheels to have the lips polished while the faces are being powdercoated. I am up in the air on what color i should do the faces, Lachssilber, Nogaro, or some sort of titanium. Any recommendations?

        I got the car on stands, ready for new brakes, fluids, intake and plugs.

        Perfect shot to the oil filter!

        Found some friends

        so my trip to china tomorrow will slow things down to a halt for the next two weeks. I guess it will give time for the next round of parts to come in.

        I started the car tonight after changing the motor, trans, diff fluids and spark plugs/air cleaner. Motor didn't sound that good, ran by itself, and I think the motor isn't getting the fuel it needs. I had to tap on the fuel injectors to get a couple of them to unstick. changed the fuel filter (12 gallon of new fuel and injector cleaner in the tank) and the pressure regulator next to the fuel filter started to leak. Shut it off after a couple minutes and will see how the next round of parts addresses everything. I forgot to mention, I am going to buy refurbished injectors from MEPEH while I'm gone, I'm sure they will help.

        you can hear in the first vid, the motor sounds like a knock or what I think may be lack of fuel. In the second video the knock is gone. It seemed to come and then go as I tapped the injectors, probably wasn't helping that the undercar pressure regulator was leaking as well.


        so since I have been away in China for the past week, I got bored and started ordering more parts lol. While installing the mid SS brake lines, I stripped one of the hard lines as it wouldn't budge. I ended up ordering new hard lines and one thing led to another...I will be dropping the subframe and replacing the bushings while I'm doing the rear brakes. Below is the list of parts I ordered.