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    While the sun was out I popped out to a spot up the road from work on the Ashdown Forrest to take a few snaps.


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      While the sun was out I popped out to a spot up the road from work on the Ashdown Forrest to take a few snaps.


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        So I've now covered approx 1000 miles in it and it's been rock solid until yesterday when it failed to start after an hours drive. A hard tap on the starter motor and it span into life so a new starter motor is in order.

        With the ring trip looming ever closer and I thought it prudent to check the health of the engine a bit more than a visual inspection of the top end.

        First thing was an oil pressure test so after a run to get the engine up to temp I took a reading. Bmw specify 7-28 psi at idle and 57-85 psi at Max rpm. We as you can see in the pic above it was just over 80 psi at approx 5500 rpm and did not climb higher than that with any more rpm so pretty much perfect oil pressure! Happy days!

        Next up a compression test resulted in a pretty even 160-170 psi across all four cylinders and going on BMW's specified data which is 10-11 bar minimum (145-159 psi), it within spec. Now from what I've read of other people's S14 compression tests, some seem to be getting up to and over 180 psi but I guess given the high mileage it's not too bad and most important of all, heathy enough to take on track without fear of it grenading itself. I hope!

        These bare tail pipes were letting the side down so as a reward for not being a tired old nail of an S14 it got a pair of oem shaddow line tail pipe trims.

        Much better!

        And to end, although proving to be pretty awesome at stopping, these BMW Motorsport group N front pads give off a ridiculous amount of dust!

        Oh, and after checking the VIN number, it turns out my car is one of the first 5000 built to homologate the car for motorsport use! :cool:


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          A minor update but the car was in need of some new rubber as the bridgestones were finished on the rear and starting to perrish on the front so a set of continental sport contact 2's in the correct 225/45/16 were ordered up.
          Tyre availability in this size is now becoming very limited with choice now limited to these, some toyos, falkens or budget rubbish.
          Luckily the conti's are a great tyre with awesome dry grip, good wet grip and reasonable wear rates. I had a set on my 325i with staggered alpinas as well as driving all sorts of other cars with them and rate them highly.

          A stroke of luck came my way in that someone had a freshly lessons refurbished 16" BBS in sport Evo style of Nagaro centre and silver lip but was going to have them redone in Ceccotto style like mine were. Now i always intended to have mine refurbed to either silver or nagaro centred at some point as I was not keen on the black so by a stroke of luck, I swapped mine which needed a refurb for the freshly done ones in Nagaro!

          260 worth of refurb gratis, winner!

          So new rubber on like new Sport Evo wheels topped of with some new genuine roundels.

          Much better!


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            I suppose I had better update this then! :o:

            It's a long story but I was meant to take this to the ring back in May and it was decided that repairing the front floor/lifting pads on both sides was a good idea along with the other prep for the trip so out came the carpet and while my main man Gary was repairing the drivers side....

            I got a bit inquisitve with the heat gun on the sound insulation stick on pads and found some more rust.

            That put going to the ring out of the question so it was either go in my 325i (which also needed some basic prep) or take the Munich legends track turd....

            At 10.30 the night before the trip the clutch master died on said turd which left me with no time to get a new part and fit it so I ended up going as a passenger with Simon in his E34 M5.

            Maybe it was a sign not to go....

            It's pretty much sat there doing nothing up until this week due to a house move, a holiday, work, an M5 engine build etc etc but Gary is back on the case and it should be solid by the weekend and back together soon after so I can start using it again!

            What has caused the rot i hear you ask? Well at some point someone has replaced the metal brake pipe that runs across the bulkhead in the engine bay and full marks to them for using a BMW steel line but where they have bent it to shape and routed it, it's knocked the "elephant trunk" partially off so rain water from the scuttle has been draining straight onto the engine bay sound insulation which has acted like a sponge and rotted the bulkhead from the outside in.

            Possibly the same craftsman also replaced the clutch master cylinder but did not refit the bulkhead grommet for it correctly and that let water into the drivers footwell.



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              Lots more metal has been cut out!

              Now, some of the other smaller holes on the bulk head and the big nasty one near the trans tunnel to be repaired permanently and finished to be as invisible as possible would require the engine and box to be removed and the heater box etc etc and as said earlier in the thread I'm not looking to get into a full blown resto at this stage so those areas have had temporary repairs to make it solid and water right for the time being.

              The front floor "jacking pads" and inner sills on the other hand are accessible without too much agro.

              Sections cut from a rust free donor car meant repairs would look as per factory and retain the jacking pad feature.

              Some of the in progress pics, note the temp repair on the left to the hole next to the trans tunnel.

              Both sides done and in zinc primer.

              Some alpine white blown in and some sound insulation reinstalled.


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                I loooove your car. It's just got a great look to it. Good job. Congratulations! Hot hot hot
                the winningest racecar ever.


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                  Some pics of the "Jacking points" after the repairs were covered in 3M bag sealer and some Alpine white paint blown in.

                  And what to recap, what they looked like before hand.


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                    It's been nearly 4 months since it was last on the road and finally today it left the workshop!

                    As well as the repair work to the floors, sills and bulkhead it's also had a pair of new front wings as the old ones were rotten at the bottom and scabby elsewhere.

                    There has also been the addition of a new genuine Evo 2 front spoiler and brake cooling ducts in place of the front fogs and the blanked off bumper vents for the rad were cut out.
                    These along with the front bumper and wings had new paint and it was all fitted up with a new Sport evo bumper seal, new sport Evo kidney grill and the headlamp and scuttle grills got some satin black paint.

                    New ones of those will be fitted when it gets it full resto but for now they look ok.

                    As you can see, the black front bumper tape is missing, I have two parts but the other is on world wide back order from BMW and C3 are also out of stock! :(

                    Also, I've misplaced the side repeaters but i have some spares at work which I'll pop on tomorrow.

                    Another new addition is a pair of Recaro LS's in the correct matching "houndstooth" trim which are in pretty good condition. They are from a 4dr car but can be converted relatively easy for use in a 2dr with the tilt function and a pair of 2dr donor seats are in the pipe line.

                    Very happy with these as the interior was really letting the side down and now that the carpet has completely dried out and all of the dashboard parts and trim parts have been individual cleaned it not such a bad place to be.

                    Still a long list of jobs to do including finishing off 13 button OBC and cruise control retro fits of which the dash looms were fitted when the dash was out plus various suspension jobs.

                    But the main thing..... back into daily use!


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                      The "old bird" (as in it flys) as the previous owner used to call it, failed to start earlier this week. It was cranking over fine and i could hear the fuel pump buzzing away which meant that the fuel pump relay and most likely the DME relay were working fine.
                      A quick check revealed no spark and i knew the cap and arm were fine so a quick wiggle of the engine speed sensor wires and it briefly fired.

                      Two new genuine sensors ordered up, fitted them today and fired straight up.

                      Normal service has been resumed!


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                        Great progress! Must be good to be out on the road again.
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                          So this car has since been sold.... and replaced with another E30 M3 with an interesting history.

                          New thread to follow.


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                            Interesting. So to have sold this and replaced it means a step up in the shape of an Evo model ?
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