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Its finally Spring in the Northeast? ....Really? Happy Monday

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  • Its finally Spring in the Northeast? ....Really? Happy Monday

    Hi All-
    I've had ants in my pants all winter to get out and stretch the garage queens legs. Hello April! PLEASE. No more snow. For those of you who don't live in the Northeast/Tri State area, my name is Kash. I'm a typical lurker with the occasional glib comment about NLA parts or a glorified yet non-descriptive Craigslist ad of a "cream-puff". I don't think that there is a "typical" E30 M3 owner any more and if there are generalizations or superlatives to describe one...I am every one of them plus some more. My first E30 M3 was a zinna/natural purchased in 2004 May for $10g. Time have changed I know. I spun a rod bearing in high school and stupidly sold the S14 and swapped in an OBDI S52. I sold the car to KarlSpackler in South Dakota. He (James) stanced the hell out of it and really cleaned up the car before he eventually sold it as well. It now resides in Arizona I believe. Currently I own an S54 Zinna/Tan after my long E36 M3 Turbo and E46 M3 hiatus. I think the S54 E30 M3 garage queen deserves its own thread because it is my pride and joy ( I tried to create the perfect e30 that I envisioned). That car is a member of my immediate family. I ask forum members "168GLHS1986" or "L James" why? ..but they're just as crazy as I am. We're fortunate enough to have one of the best cars ever made on this planet-I sound like a broken record. I would like to wh*re out some pictures of my S54 chariot.

    This thread is worthless without pics! And before I go blind looking at excel spreadsheets for the rest of the day...I'd like to say Happy Monday-be productive! The weekend to wrench is only 4 1/2 days away. Click image for larger version

Name:	e30 Kash 2013 2.JPG
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    E30 M3 and Apollo

    Click image for larger version

Name:	S54 pic 2.jpeg
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    heart of the beast...S54 OBDII running factory MSS54 DME and Randy Mueller's EPIC tune. 340/277 rwhp/tq with 7800rpm limiter

    Big A Detailing for the E30 M3 from the Big Apple Click image for larger version

Name:	March 2014 M3 2.jpeg
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    Early wake up calls on Long Island before 6 a.m. Brand New GT3 with 3,500 miles gave me a run for my money....... Click image for larger version

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    S54 and Derrick's S14 2.5L garage queen Click image for larger version

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    .... I just bought a DS/Grey 89' WBS vin. It's a project for me and my friends. Suspension, Brakes, Cooling,Ignition is already in the process of being overhauled. I guess 1 project wasn't good enough and I needed a 2.5 S14 to make my brain hurt even more. These cars are too much fun! I would love to share stories over a beer if any tri-state forum members want to meet in Long Island, NY. Good Luck on everyone's summer E30 projects. When you go home after work- Pick something like window trim, spark plugs, rear strut mounts... point and say "I'm gonna DIY this".

    If looks could kill...
    ///freshM3 piff :rastajake:

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    We had snow showers yesterday and awoke to 28 degrees so old man winter is still hanging around in our parts. Very tired of winter!.
    Who knows where I'll be, changes from day to Continent.


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      I had planned on picking up my car in CT yesterday to drive it back to Boston. We ended up driving through snow flurries and a good amount of rain north of Hartford. Good thing I had already decided to leave the car for another week. The weather has been brutal this year!


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        Love the car and the dog , i also envy your engine swap . Im almost ready to put my car back on the road after 7 years , i will drive it around for a bout a year im thinking and then try and tackle the S54 swap. Cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          ^ Do it. I am not a "know it all" but I can assist in coming up with an economical and thorough gameplan. I love the S54 motor....huge fan. I am more of a preventative maintenance nerd regarding the S54 motor and the E30 chassis. I read a lot. However, I respect the S14 motor and since my new project has a 2.5L stroker S14 built by Last Minute Racing up in CT, I need to brush up on my S14 weaknesses- I know that sounds harsh but it is true. On my DS project, this weekend I will be addressing the rear: rear strut mounts with rogue plate, new bilsteins and new axles. Ignition- Full overhaul. Brakes- Full overhaul minus new lines. As I get the car up to par I will address the rest of the cooling system like thermo, coolant reservoir etc. I will do the rear subframe and rtab's if I keep the car longer than this spring/summer. Right now it's a backyard build to alleviate any labor expenses. The only labor I would like to pay on my project car is for a valve adjustment and bodywork.
          If looks could kill...
          ///freshM3 piff :rastajake:


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            ^ thank you very much for the offer !!!! Actually i will gladly take any information/part list you want to share , my colleague here at work will be trying to do this swap here in a month or two . So again any info you want to share would be beyond greatly appreciated ! Also i sure wish i was upstate i would loovvee a ride in the M3 . There is a local shop here that finished up a Turbo S54 swap in an E30 and is now in the final stages of tuning , cant wait to that car as well. In case your wondering the shop is SOLO MOTORSPORTS here in Atlanta GA.


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              Your s54 M3 is sweet

              Did you buy the 89 DS from Freeport? I flew out from Chicago to check it out but I decided to pass on it
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                ^ Thanks brother. I did, I got the car for a fair price under his asking. Cash is king. I was looking for a fun project. It was neglected but it has so much potential. The shocks, rsm's and axles are in the garbage. The whole ignition system is in the garbage. The car needed a serious coolant flush so I am doing a rear suspension, cooling and ignition full overhaul this Saturday. Beer and West indian food should do the trick to attact my E30/E46 buddies. Thank you Pelican, ECS, Turner and RockAuto. I got everything I needed for under $1400 and I haven't spent a dime on labor. I've only had it for 6 days. She will be beautiful and the perfect driver for my dad. Paps is 64 years of age and retired. E30 M3> Triumph spitfire/ MGB anyday. Even though my paps is a Mini 1275/ VW Scirocco guy...... I have molded him. Should I post some pics of the DS after this weekend? I think that you would be impressed, we've been working fast!!!!!
                If looks could kill...
                ///freshM3 piff :rastajake:


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                  No spring here, 2 fresh inches of snow on the driveway....

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                  What can I say,
                  I love wide fenders!


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                    Yea man, its been raining on/off for two days here. Im hoping that the weather stays above 50 degrees with no rain or wind on Saturday so I can work outside on the cars. These are a few days old but I can't wait to get the project car back together this weekend. Man I love this craigslist find.....Click image for larger version

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                    Click image for larger version

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                    If looks could kill...
                    ///freshM3 piff :rastajake: