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    Details.... all new petrol flap and filler hardware. Decal is the first of many 1st class reproductions by

    The best part of six hours work to get the original headlining back in with a result i was happy with.

    All of the shadow line trim has been painted in the correct satin black, Both doors have been fitted with their trims, complete new rubber seals and original glass.


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      Really impressed well done so far, I have read that the hood lining is a right PIA to replace was it a pre made kit and did you do the sunroof panel.

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        Originally posted by Dave @nz View Post
        Really impressed well done so far, I have read that the hood lining is a right PIA to replace was it a pre made kit and did you do the sunroof panel.
        Thanks. The head lining was the original carefully removed and refitted.


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          Trying to find time is getting harder but some progress is being made.

          The rear bumper aero plastics have all been replaced with new.


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            Fantastic work, great to watch the car coming back together.


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              Apologies for the lack of updates! Its been a hectic few months running BMR but progress has been made.

              The metal brake and fuel pipes that were fitted to BMW's of this period were an olive green and when you buy new replacements from BMW they are now black.... which wont do.

              Using a pipe that hadn't rusted badly, i got a tin of paint colour matched to the original to give the new pipes a coat. Fitted up with new metal clips gave a result im happy with,

              The original 55ltr fuel tank despite being solid and not leaking was not in great shape so a new one was bought and painted in the correct satin black finish, New hoses and fittings were added before mounting with freshly plated bolts.

              The original fuel filler neck was blasted and painted in the correct satin black and fitted up with new connecting hoses and clips plus the grommet connecting it to the additional 15ltr tank in the luggage compartment.

              The trailing arms rear beam blasted and painted in satin black before.....

              being fitted up with all new bushes, bearings and the rebuilt LSD.

              Some of the nuts, bolts etc electro plated in the original finish used to refit the rear axle and other parts.

              Brake pad sensor wiring for the nearside front and offside rear tends to perish and break up. On some of the Japanese import E30's ive seen this rubber outer insulation has completely broken up and fallen off.

              Luckily this section of wiring loom is available new from BMW so both ends replaced.


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                Hi, a few more pictures and this could be an assembly manual. I can't believe you were able to find so many OEM parts.

                Keep up with the progress and pictures.



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                  This is inspirational
                  jimmy p.
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                    Nice progress. That's a great project. Keep us posted.


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                      Thanks guys!


                      All four brake callipers were sent to for complete refurbishment in the original finish.

                      Rears fitted up with new genuine discs and brembo pads and complete parking brake shoes , springs and cables.

                      A new brake fluid reservoir tops off the 25mm 750i brake master cylinder and repainted brake servo. Also note the various reproduction labels by


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                        Its been a while since ive updated this as ive had a bit of a break from it to spend some time with my family and as ive bought an Alpina B3 that ive been spending some money on.


                        A lucky find was a new old sock Michelin MXX tyre in 225/45/16 to fit for the spare obviously not to be used!

                        Through some wheeling and dealing i managed to obtain a missing piece boot carpet which is often missing as was the case of my car.

                        The pic above is the culmination of rebuilding the steering rack with new seals, bushes etc and building up the front subframe with the eibach adjustable roll bar and power flex black series bushes with all hardware electro plated as per OEM. New engine mounts also fitted in preparation for when the engine is mated to the subframe and the complete assembly is installed from underneath.

                        There will be a few more updates on the cars progress before it goes into storage as i need the space at work and i will be concentrating on the engine build for the time being.