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    Not sure if I'd posted this previously, but I decided to have the standard dogleg box gone right through. Luckily Iain knows a man with a gearbox fetish on the Isle of Man, so it was dropped over there a couple of months ago to be rebuilt and tarted up.

    Chuffed to bits with this, he's done an outstanding job on it for sensible money. I need to fit a new reversing switch to it, as whilst it was in the back of the car it tipped onto it's side and bent/broke the tabs. I've got a Febi replacement to pop in now, most likely the cheapest part of the car so far at about 7. I've also ordered new OEM green tint front & rear windscreens & trims etc (car was running lexan rear and front was smashed when I bought it), and a load of bumper gaskets, towing eye covers etc before they go NLA again. That bill hurt as it happens, thick end of a grand.

    Pictures of the lovely rebuilt g/box;

    I've also realised there's no way I can resintall my driveshafts with them looking like this, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night. I've found a nice firm in Wolverhampton called Des Shelley Shafts ( who for small beer will strip down, tart up and completely rebuild these. They're getting dropped off this week.

    Gratuitous before picture showing the rusty & broken dust shields - yuk.

    Cheers for looking.



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      Gearbox is looking really good, my advise is over fill with ATF oil now and when installed remove the bung on the side to correct the level.

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        Simply wonderful!

        Man would I love to have that dogleg gearbox... I must say I'm not a big fan of the unit we got here in NA. Mine kinda drives me to despair at times...

        We would all LOVE to be doing the same to our cars... :-(


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          Thanks for the kind words guys, it's coming together now slowly :-)


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            Re the driveshafts, are they doing anything with the outer CV ?
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              how are you getting on Ollie? Mine is well and truly underway!!


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                BMG - they can't do anything with the outer other than clean up & repack etc. They're back now and look brand new, pictures another time as I've forgotten to take any.

                Last few weeks have been very busy on the car, the underside is now complete, as is the inside & the engine bay/boot. An insane amount of work has gone into this shell now, god knows how many phone calls, emails, parts ordered, head scratching. It's there for this part now though, and the car is officially LHD once more (as God intended). All remnants of it's seedy RHD past are gone for ever, without leaving a trace.

                Kudos to the bodyshop man, he's been very thorough and corrected a few things the cage guys missed. Enormous thanks to my friend Iain over on the island too. After every stage or significant event he's been over the shell with a fine toothcombe to sign it off. A more picky, obsessive, annoying (for the bodyshop guy) inspector you will not find - cheers dude.

                My wheels have also arrived, over the moon with these. Lovely and light, nicely made, and should look just right.

                Onto the pictures, the exterior of the shell should be painted by this weekend, then it's panels left to go.

                Pedal box all in and working

                Mag wheels

                Underside finished

                Diff pickup points

                Seam sealer in engine bay

                Inside painted

                There has been a matting agent added to the paint on the interior and the boot at my request. As these are heavy contact areas, I think it should show the marks less easily. The engine bay is full Alpine White 1 gloss however.

                Stay tuned, the exterior paint photos should be good. I will also ask the painter to buy a decent camera phone, as his existing one is shocking and it looks creamy in poor light - it is white, honest!




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                  Looks fantastic! Great progress.
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                    Cheers guys, it's getting closer to being a car again.

                    Now in primer as of last night, and awaiting flatting.

                    Getting excited now, really looking forward to seeing it all white.