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Ollie's E30 M3 - Second Time Around

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    Love the e50's. What are the specs?


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      Cheers Rob. 17x8J ET20


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        So, it's been getting used.

        Trip to Le Mans and back, just over 1,000 miles with no real issues.

        Threw a 3.25 LSD in it before we left to make it more bearable - was still fairly punishing. The noise, the heat and the noise.

        Manual rack is on, requires gargantuan effort at low speed (but no more leaks - yay!) but nice at a pace.

        Had a proper fuel system built & installed by JC Racing, wheel well tank, facet pump, all AN fittings and a smart looking swirl pot on a CF plinth - lovely authentic period stuff.

        Somewhere in France with another forum elderly rust bucket.

        Dumped in a field for a few days, covered in flies and with a poorly front bumper due to me spaffing it into a kerb @ Folkestone with an epic hangover and on very little sleep. It was in good company though.

        Now cleaned and back home. Front AP calipers have been sent off for a rebuilt (the last proper attention they received pre-dates Christ) and a pair of new front discs on order - they're ruined.




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          Work on the E30 has continued since returning from Le Mans covered in flies.

          One of my AP calipers had a seized piston, which in turn trashed the disc and the pad. So calipers were sent away to be overhauled, and new discs and pads ordered. All fitted up and looking much tidier now. Bedded in on a disused industrial estate and working well.

          I tapped the front bumper at the Eurotunnel and cracked it right at the point of some historic damage which was repaired when the car was restored. The front bumper was always a total mess, but did at least look pretty externally. I've now got a lovely undamaged OEM bumper which will be painted and fitted up this year at some stage.

          Got the thing in the air, pulled the 3.25 OEM diff out, and put the 3.64 JCR diff back in (horrible, hateful job due to the studs in the diff passing through to cage in the boot)

          Swapped out the Italvolanti Works wheel for a while for this OMP item I had in the stores. Nicely dished which should help with the manual steering. Looks quite nice I think.

          Replaced a few shifter consumables in an effort to rid the car of a hideous rattle at high revs.

          Plates off, timing beacon bar on ready for this weekend competing at Shelsley Walsh in the MSA GrpA Hillclimb

          Link below if anyone fancies coming along;

          Next up is to cut a massive hole in the back panel for a proper GrpA filler neck, look at a nice lightweight exhaust system and a better manifold, and continue working through my snagging list.




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            Car looks great, and nice to see it out and about being used as intended.
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              Love this car. Well done!


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                Cheers guys, it's a real pleasure to use it hard and then tuck it back up in the garage.

                Hillclimb weekend went well, think I was 4th on Saturday and 5th on Sunday - lots of genuine WRC cars taking 1 - 3 each day, comprehensively beat both an E190 Cosworth & Sierra Cosworth in race trim however which given our cars history - felt excellent! Some ancient battles never end ;-)

                Plans are afoot for a nice ltw exhaust now, I've sourced a 55mm DTM manifold, and am looking into a couple of exhaust options. Talking to Vink Motorsport RE their GrpA option, and also a friend who's having a Ti exhaust made for his '92 DTM recreation, this is firm favorite at the moment as is extremely light.



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                  Hi Guys,

                  Just to inform you i'm the new owner of this car. i must say Ollie has done a fantastic job with it. I purchased in December from a dealer and so far completed two track days.

                  Will be taking this vehicle a step further as it will never be used on the road.

                  Watch this space.

                  Pic enclosed at Brands Hatch on a cold Uk December day.



                  Click image for larger version

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                    Originally posted by Red'n'Black View Post
                    Just to inform you i'm the new owner of this car.
                    Congrats. I really liked this car when I saw it for sale. I am sure you'll have many years of happy motoring (and tracking).

                    1990 M3


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                      Nice buy. Ollie built a really nice M3 there
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