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2 M3s in a Bavarian Town

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  • 2 M3s in a Bavarian Town

    The ladies had a chance to meet again. Joe (ethree0 on instagram and here iirc) drove his M3 for the second year in a row from Chicago, he came to hang out with us for the annual Leavenworth Drive. Then drove up to hang out with our friends in Canada and was right back down in Seattle for the E30 picnic the weekend after. Joe and I are coming up on 14 years of ownership with our M3s. The reality is that because of these cars we met online and are now close friends. I literally talk to Joe just about everyday. It's crazy to look back and realize how many hours I spent on forums as a kid and now with the growth of instagram how many people you can share your passion with. Anyway it's been too long and I wanted to share these shots by my good friend Travis Cuykendall. Waiting for more shots from Leavenworth and the E30 picnic that our friend Josh took so be on the look out for those too!


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    Great pictures! Both cars look super clean. Does the caged Brilliantrot get tracked?


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      Initially the goal was to turn her into a track car. But as the years have gone by she's always been a street car. It's a 4 point roll bar not a full cage.


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        Cool. Both cars have nice looking wheels.


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          Amazing photos and those cars look incredible. Spot-on wheels for both!
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