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  • New Pictures!!

    Hey guys I finally got my car back. Here are some pictures I took after driving all weekend and finally getting a chance to wash it today. My car has never run this well and I am extremely happy with all the work I had done to it. I'll post better pictures once I properly detail it.

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    Looks great! What kind of stuff did you have done to the car?

    I love the look of those wheels! They look so much more classic than your old ones. I bet they are time consuming to clean though?!
    Bryan K.
    Texas A&M Formula SAE


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      great shots! I really like the BBS's on there
      90 Corrado/91 M3/01 M5


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        I updreaded the suspension to H&R sport springs and Bilstein Sport shocks. Zimmerman rotors, SS brake lines, Superspring center section and muffler, new rad, sparco strut bar, M3 door sills, and all new fluids.


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          man, your pictures always look really professional! Car looks super nice. How come you dont have tow hook covers?

          PS: love the new wheels

          "Unlike the latter day E36 and E46 M3's, the
          original E30 M3ís main purpose in life was to
          win races on the track, not the street. It
          got the job done."


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            I have the Euro tow hook covers.


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              Sweet Ride

              What size are those wheels and tires?


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                I have to say I like those BBS RS (?) than those RZ!

                Do you plan to lower it more?

                Looks clean as ever!


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                  The wheels are 16" BBS RS and the tires are Yokohama ES100 225/45.

                  While I love the look of a slammed M3 with the rear wheels tucked I am not going to lower the car anymore. One is because of the brutal harassment I would get from the cops in my area and the other is cost. I've been pushing the car over the past few days and I am super happy with this setup.