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1988 Europameister

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    So some more pics from a few playdays I have been attending over the last couple of months

    With great challenges comes great engineering.


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      Cool pics!

      I am going to the track this Sunday here in Costa Rica. Hope to take some pics as great as yours man
      San Jose, Costa Rica


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        minor update

        I was having a horrible squel coming from the fan belt and was faced with 2 problems ,
        # 1 , the adjuster bars teeth are real bad so itīs hard to move the 19mm nut around to tighten it,

        #2 , the bushings in the alternator mounting points where real bad, so even when I was able to tighten it, the alternetor would simply deform more and thus the squelling would continue,

        Resolution :

        I found in my garage a alternator that looks alike it but without the bushings, and thus not a need for the grounding cable, I installed it and did install the grounding cable to allow more current to flow to ground,
        also itīs 80amps instead of 90amps but I donīt think that will become a concern.

        I also read in another thread about concerns that the mounting points would fail along the way, but that is obviously just ridicioulus, as bosch would not have designed them like this if they didnīt think they would last and by george they are lasting on non S14 engines,

        Also fixed the problem with my exhaust system,
        the clamps on the back muffler keept coming loose

        The 0 rings that hold up the exhaust in front of the clamps are and have been missing for probably quite awhile, so I had to put in a wire cable while my exhaust parts are on order at the dealer,

        Last problem and this hasnīt been resolved yet is that there is one bolt on the header flange on the #1 cyl that keeps coming loose, itīs not a stud and nut but a bolt, so I belive itīs been messed with and has probably been over tightened as I can screw it in for ever and nothing tightens,
        I think I will try and remove it soon and install a stud and nut in itīs place,
        that pud sound that comes on every 4th spark is driving me nuts,

        And for some more fun pics

        With great challenges comes great engineering.


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          ///M Power


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            Originally posted by Gunni
            business is good these days,
            we are heading into the standalones now, are finishing one on a turbo 325i,,

            No not MegaSquirt but a XMS system from PerfectPower

            Well since this is a special edition, I?m seriously tempted to keep it stock stock,
            but I?m working my S50 into the same region as Vlad has his, and I would LOVE
            to have that in this car, but of course I would keep the S14 and the car could be turned back
            in a week?s time if it every came to that,
            Perfect Power XMS ... great system.

            Got a mate running it in his 650WHP Nissan Sentra

            Proudly South African
            Widebody e30 race car build


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              Update :

              2008 came along and I had to sell the car.
              It turned out to have alot of hidden away rust and itīs current owner is doing a full restoration.
              With great challenges comes great engineering.