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    Some of you have probably already senn it but here it is again for those of you who have'nt.My baby!!!!!

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    Have you had it all sorted now Gary?
    "It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves"


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      Originally posted by M3Pilot
      Have you had it all sorted now Gary?
      Yes at last,got her back on the 30th DEC. I will post a couple of pics once I have her all polished up.I have to say the paint job is the muts nuts,the guys did a fantastic job.

      Rob thanks mate & yes I know I am Took me long enough to find her.I dont think I will ever sell her.She had to be black i think it just the ultimate colour for the Sport,although I nearly gave up on finding 1 in black.I'm glad I did'nt though


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        What got painted in the end ?
        "It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves"


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          M3pilot I had the whole right hand side,bonnet,bumper,left wing & door as well as the rear spoiler.I should have went for the full re-spray but I has to pay for the repairs as well,so I could'nt really have afforded it.

          After it came back from the paint shop I took it to my mechanics shop to have it checked over.We discovered that the engine had jumped off the engine mounting & was resting on the mounting bolt which in turn caused the gearbox to be lifted & the g/box mounting bush snapped.

          I asked davie,my mechanic,if this was anything to do with the accident,he said that who ever had the engine out prior to me buying it(read BMW)did'nt put the 17mm locking nut back on,so when i was gunning it round the track and/or when I hit the tyre wall the engine has jumped off the mounting.

          He said that the nut can't come loose as it's a locking nut nor can it push the nut off,the engine mounting would snap before that would happen, as well as that the bolt would have been threaded,which it was'nt.In the end up there was no damage done to the car save for the g/box mounting bush.I was a lucky shit I think.She is running as sweet as a nut once again


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            Wow, that's a really nice car, a car that I can only dream about seeing.


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              Cone....Yeah you guys over in States & Canada seem to get short changed with regards to these type of cars.Its a real shame that you did'nt get any of the EvoII or III's.I have seen a black Evo III on the web in America,but That must be the only 1.Can you guys import them or is it all down to emission laws?

              Thanks for the comments BTW, here are some more pics'



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                You can import them, but it's really expensive. I mean REALLY expensive, you have to change out everything to make it dot approved. Which includes; lights, dash, bumpers, exhaust. It really sucks. You can make one for cheaper from a stock M3.


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                  I am so freakin jealous I think I literally turned green. Your car is sooooooooo nice! What's the story on her?


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                    I agree :cry: It's perfect.

                    Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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                      Have a look here for gary's pics and info!


                      Gary - I will add the other pics to your page if you like...

                      Alles Beste!

                      B. Wheaton
                      1989 E30 M3, Owner since June 2000
                      2008 E61 535xiT - The DD and work horse


                      Register your E30 M3!


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                        Originally posted by ROB89M3
                        WOW !! A jet black sport evo ! The ultimate !!!!!!!!!!!!!
                        Love that car so much ! You lucky bastard !:sosad:
                        ultimate would be with no sunroof, but i guess that's asking too much.

                        sweet ride gary! i'd trade my mother for a sport evo


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                          MR Wheaton that would be cool if you could add the pics,cheers.

                          Thanks for the comments guys,she is immacualte.It took me 10 months to find her.

                          e30 I did'nt want A/C ,I live in Scotland, so don't need it that much:p so a S/R was the other option ,although it was the colour that was my main concern along with leather.I nearly sold my kidney to get her(I would'nt get that much for my mum):p

                          Cone why is it so expensive? Is it all down to regulations on safety & emissions?


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                            Yeah, it's that, and shipping is expensive, and there's a lot of fees to pay. Then when you get that all over with, they might make you only be able to drive it only 5,000 miles a year!!


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                              5000 miles a year,that really sucks.It might always be pissing wet & fecking cold over here but at least we get the opportunity to get our grubby little hands on these homoligation specials(if your lucky enough)

                              BTW Nice car,what colour is it?