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    Hi Tom,
    Good to see you here. That car need a wash. Almost as mucky as mine after my drive to the rolling road session from Newcastle.
    By the way, what power did it make again? It was over 230 wasn't it?
    John W
    1990 E30 M3 Sport Evo
    1990 E30 M3


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      I needs a clean. Will post some pictures of it sparkling for you when I get around to cleaning it this week.

      Got 234 at the RR day on Friday....Needless to say very pleased with the result.

      Seeing the cage in your car John has convinced me to go that route... will be ordering the cage and seats this week (only stumbling block may be insurance :2: )........ Good luck with the ECU, let me know if you change your mind and I'll buy it instead!

      Mods.... hmm,

      Schrick cams, Bilsteins, BBS 3 piece split rims and a load of other mods that were fitted by the German guy who owned it before me


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        Very cool. That's another 10% bhp for the European's over the US models. :sosad: Welcome to the board Houlbt!

        Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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          127,000 kms....!


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            Cage, seats.....excellent.
            Will you go with Safety Devices? I was thinking about getting the front part of the cage bolted in as well, possibly with a harness bar if they do one. I think I mentioned this to you on Friday? Are you going this route? Or will you stick with the half cage?
            Yours is obviously a fit engine. Imagine what it could do with new management.....It will be interesting to see the results of the work done on mine, Simon's and Nigel's cars. Maybe you will be tempted if the results are good.
            John W
            1990 E30 M3 Sport Evo
            1990 E30 M3


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              Having seen the cage in your car, I can honestly say I thought the quality of the Safety Devices was excellent IMHO so I think I will go that route.... Will get the full cage for certain...depends on well it fits/ dash cutting implications.Considered a weld in but think this is a little excessive.

              Will ask about the harness bar..... or maybe get fixings in the rear bulkhead since I am thinking of removing the rear seats anyway.

              I know the route I want to go wrt to engine management but want to source the right Carbon Airbox first.



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                We are like-minded folk.
                I asked Simon if he could remember what the full bolt-in Safety Devices cage looked like, and he said that it doesn't mean rogering the dash. As far as he could remember, the front of the cage comes down in front of the dash. This would make entry into the car a bit harder I suppose, but so what?
                I have heard that the rear bulkhead isn't strong enough to safely fix harnesses to. Reinforcement would probably be needed. Besides, harness bars look cool. If you find out anything, can you let me know?
                What seats are you getting?
                Good luck.
                John W
                1990 E30 M3 Sport Evo
                1990 E30 M3


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                  Nice car,Houlbt.234bhp excellent!!!!! well done.I take it you have more tweaks planned?


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                    Houlbt, has the car been painted, or have you brought it up to Evo II spec?

                    Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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                      Car has been bought up to EVOII spec I suppose. Much of the work was done by the owner in Germany ( a guy called Markus for what it's worth)

                      I did not know a huge amount about the cars when I took the plunge and bought it..... but a quick dash across France later and I had it checked out by the not so cheap Munich Legends in the UK.

                      They said the car was mechanically perfect and had all the EVOII engine bits plus the SportEvo rear spoiler. From what I understand, the guy I bought it off worked for BMW and did most the work himself.

                      Since then I have fitted 276/284 cams and got hold of a decat exhaust....

                      I'm learning about the car all the time to be honest. Tom.


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                        I was ging to say... the Evo II only came in Nogaro Silver and Misano Red. EvoIIs also have the Motorsport painted valve cover and plenum.
                        Alles Beste!

                        B. Wheaton
                        1989 E30 M3, Owner since June 2000
                        2008 E61 535xiT - The DD and work horse


                        Register your E30 M3!


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                          You mean like this



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                            For those who said the car was filthy....which it was.

                            Have update the website to.... Click Here

                            Think I need to invest in a car cover, what do you think?

                            [email protected]