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My new M3, E36 LTW wheels, check it out!

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  • My new M3, E36 LTW wheels, check it out!

    I've owned it for about 2 months now. These are the first pics though. It's got a H&R/Bilstein set-up, as well as a set of forged wheels from the 1995 E36 M3 Lightweight. Lots of fun. I used to own a 1988 911 ClubSport that was quite a bit faster, but the M3 is more stable when moving fast through the twisties. You likey?

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    Looks great! I also have a Lachs silver M3 which came with a set of E36 M3 wheels. I think the wheel complements the E30 M3 well.



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      Very nice, factory forged
      Alex McHenry


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        I also own both, the M3 and the 911, don't know if M3 is faster thru the twisties though...:rolleyes: depends on the suspension setup I guess... for me it's a little bit easier to drive the bimmer fast, I think it's because you need more talant to be on the edge in the 911, both cars are FUN!
        victoria_m3, nice car!

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          i just saw this and i realized it was your car. i guess the porsche people like e30's as much as we do.

          Old School


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            Hi Everyone,

            Porsches and the E30 M3 are "cut from the same cloth." I know a lot of people who own both because they provide their owners the same rewards. Even though my 993 will destroy my M3 in a straight line and and probably in the curves, they both bring a smile to my face for the same reason. These cars are pure. They are for enthusiasts. They are not soft. They're not luxury cars.

            It saddens me to see that BMW no longer builds cars like this. Porsche (and the Italians) are now the only game in town.

            Just my opinion.
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