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    Looking good mate. I see the Leda was all on it yesterday.
    Is it set up yet?
    "It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves"


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      evening buckets...

      Yeah, all fitted and setup today, was supposed to be giving it a good run up to Chester tonight but we only finished the car at about 7pm as Nigel was about to lock up. Unfortunately on the way back to my flat the brakes weren't up to scratch so I'm going to go back tomorrow am and sort it.

      The leda are fab..... on rails

      very pleased is an understatment. Glad yours is out and producing about right power too.. the slight down on mine might be due to ambients, we can do same day RR sometime if you want direct comparison


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        I hope it's nothing to do with those bushes!!!!
        "It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves"


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          hot shit, that car looks dope. The more I see white cars, the more they are growing on me.

          If you dont mind me asking, how much for your entire LEDA setup?




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            I'm I crazy? WHat's the new toy?

            Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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              Leda is about 1200 for the kit plus fitting, bushes are fine so far btw

              New Toy?... only the Leda are new


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                Originally posted by Houlbt
                ... we only finished the car at about 7pm as Nigel was about to lock up.
                Hi Houlbt,

                Just curious if you're refering to Nigel Moseley? He sold me my Leda too.



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                  sorry mate... Nigel French at Bexley Motorsport, top guy and really knows his stuff, you should take the time to meet him if you haven't already. Ask Nigel Moseley who he would recommend for mapping E30 M3's


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                    I haven't been over to see Bexley Motorsport yet but I need to. They do a MoTec converstion for us don't they? I've been meaning to talk to them about it.



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                      well to be fair Powerstation developed the Motec conversion, which is impressive stuff and everything but you pay a lot of $$ for the Motec brand.

                      Bexley's can map a motec setup for you no probs... and like I say theor reputation for mapping BMW's is second to none, ask yourself who maps most the best cars in the Kuhmo challenge. There are a number of different options ECU wise but the MBE system is as good for less than half the price...


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                        Cheers! What systems have you had first hand experience with? Moseley's engine builder buddy Lester sells the DTA system that I understand to be very comparative too.



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                          I'm not really the best person to ask, you should speak to nigel at Bexleys

                          I ran a Link Ecu followed by a Motec in my Subaru. With hindsight (which is always easy said) I wish I hadn't sold the Motec in the car as I could have put it in the E30M3 now.

                          I know Nigel looked at the DTA stuff but decided the MBE would be better, but I forget his reasoning now.

                          I intend to invest in an MBE and carbon airbox.. although odds on I will only go the 4 injector route. But as I continue to run the car hard with track days etc, the money might be better spent on a rebuild route to better performance.

                          Decisions decsions... oh well bought myself a lottery ticket today


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                            forget... I have a Group-N exhaust on the way apparently ... shows how well the Bexley boys know me.

                            Conversation was something like as follows...
                            • Nigel: Tom I just ordered your Group N exhaust, should take about 3 weeks to arrive
                            • Tom: But I never ordered a Group N exhaust?
                            • Nigel: Do you want one?
                            • Tom: Suppose so
                            • Nigel: Shut up then... 3 weeks ok

                            Seriously though, great group of guys we have associated in and around Bexleys... all genuinely nice people and all true enthusiasts


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                              Nice! Is this the one from BTB? One of my work mates has a Grp N exhaust from them and I was very impressed with it. Actually a bit more tolerable than the Scorpion that came on mine. I picked up the Super Sprint 2 X 50mm race system instead though and hope to mate it to a non cat header.

                              Take care,