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New interior job on my Henna ? Help Please ! Any suggestions ?

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    Well, that's always a possibility but the main reason I want this reupholstery job is simple, I already ordered most of the worn and discolored parts on the outside the car, which will be replaced soon and I want to give the interior the same treatment cuz no matter how clean and unique my interior is still looks old and worn...I know this is part of the appeal in these cars but frankly it bother me a bit...

    So even If I do reupholster, I might go for OEM houndstood cloth and leather again if I can order brand new material...Otherwise It might seem strange but I'm thinking about a light gray interior..I'm still In a dilemma....
    Please don't tell me to do what I like cuz I really don't know, any ideas or opinions are always welcome...

    '87 E30 M3 (Henna Restoration)
    '00 E36/8 Z3 M Coupé Turbo
    '11 E90 320d M Sport