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Made a gallery with 39 pics of my M

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  • Made a gallery with 39 pics of my M

    Check it out:

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    very nice !! well done! car looks very clean...
    how do you like your supension setup on the street??
    :drive: Ogi
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      I absolutely love it! The responsiveness is amazing and it really isn't harsh.

      I have driven other Ms with stiffer setups, but for a street-driven car this is great without giving up any track prowess


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        OH! I'm jealous like a Motha F'er. Nice site by-the-way!

        Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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          I love that pic

          Thats Blunt's trailer, you can just make out the bluntech logos lol

          His trailer matches perfectly, and along with the white on my M3 made a perfect companion to my dad's RV. ALMS at Road America or bust!


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            where did you get your stereo din cover? I've been looking around and dont know which once will fit!

            Awesome car! We have similar engine specs.



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              From the dealer! I forget the part # though

              There's a guy that makes em with openings for 2 VDO gauges, I think I may go that route so I can have my oil pressure gauge and WBO2


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                I'll buy yours if you do get the VDO gauges. I already have them installed near the ash tray.



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                  That car was the first E30 M3 I got a really close look at (Brian went to the same school as me for a little while) but it didnt look anything like it does now

                  So is your car stereoless now? Have you hit many track events since you ditched all of it?
                  1990 M3/1998 M3 Sedan


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                    lol - you probably saw it with those 15" Modas

                    by far the worst wheels that could possibly be on an e30 M3 - took me WAY too long to get rid of em

                    No stereo, I use an iMainGo when sitting in traffic but otherwise the S14 at full tilt is music to me

                    I haven't done any events yet without the stereo, but this year I should be able to get out there and wrip it up. New tires and a couple bushings and I'll be ready to go.


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                      Looking GOOD....


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                        your m3 is so sick! awesome job


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                          great looking car :yowzah:


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                            Part # for radio blank 65 11 1 384
                            Ryan M
                            88 E30 M3 Alpineweiss
                            07 F350 Diesel Crew Cab
                            05 Outback XT


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                              Love the Defender 110 shot with you in the background. Very Sharp car.
                              Who knows where I'll be, changes from day to Continent.