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My E30 M3 Project..What you think ?

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  • My E30 M3 Project..What you think ?

    Hello My Friends from im an enthusiast of the E30 M3 for a long time ago... i live in Dominican Republic and in my country the E30 M3 is a rare to find car i find this M3 in a garage and id like to share with you guys the pics... i know this is a very difficult project i have to workk a lott so i like to hear about your comments in this thing.... thanks and excuse my english .. the language in mi country is the spanish... jejeje bye

    something else . i donīt buy the car yet..

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    It looks a little rough... How's the engine compression? Is it easy to get the parts over there in DR? (I assume it's like here in Costa Rica)

    If you don't mind myself asking... How much are they selling it for?
    San Jose, Costa Rica


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      they ask for USD3,000 here in DR... the parts i have to buy the parts via ebay or another webpage that selling parts of the M3.... is a little rough as you said ,,, but you know the passion ....


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        that car looks like a mummy that was burried for hundred of years...
        I know what you mean when you say 'passion' but keep in mind that 'passion' runs out just as fast as your $$$ bills accumulate and it looks like you will need a lot of $$$ to bring that car into decent shape. And since there are not a lot of shops in in Dominican Republic that ever even saw s14, I trully wish you good luck. Save some more money and buy the car in better shape


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          is the car really a 53,000 original miles..thats really low but not taken care of.
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            I have to consider the great spend of money $$ that is to rebuild this M3 ... i hope to find other in better conditions... thanks for the advice ....


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              i cant believe someone would let a car like this get treated like crap. its not like it was bought for $2,000 back then. who ever purchased it last must of known what it was, because a regular e30 and a e30 M3, have a huge price gap. WHY??? would anyone do this to such a car.

              as for you project, good luck bro, if your in the same boat as I am, making that car look and drive the way it should will take time (long time for me) and lots of $$$$

              A special thank you to:
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                Congrats on the new project. That car seems like its a rare find for the islands. Whoever first bought that car there must have had money! I bet it has an interesting history.

                You will have a lot of work ahead of you but the finished product will be worth it. You should be able to find a lot of the parts you will need from this site. Just take your time and do it right.

                $3000 USD in the Dominican Republic is a hefty sum, right? A clean roller here is $6000 USD. You got a fairly complete, low mile car for half of that. Albeit, your car does not a lot of work but most of it can be done by you.
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