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Pics of my project..56k NO WAY!

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  • Pics of my project..56k NO WAY!

    the car the first day i got it

    day 2

    day 3

    bmw keeps delivering me new gifts

    damn floor pans

    sunroof is shot

    heres a few pics of my old e30

    the beginning


    my daily 540i

    thanks for looking
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    the project lives...

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    Funny my car is all takin apart just like yours. My car is also silver.
    Good luck with the project i know what your going thru.



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      Giasou megale! Looking good. A nice diverse collection as well.


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        Originally posted by Mfanatic View Post
        Giasou megale! Looking good. A nice diverse collection as well.

        haha eithes ti simea...thanks

        the project lives...


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          welcome! so what are your plans? are you getting the motor worked on while its out, or just cleaned up? DETAILS!!!! lol.

          p.s. those tires look ridiculous haha, I'm sure you're getting new wheels anyways but they are very entertaining :
          1990 M3/1998 M3 Sedan


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            Both you 540i and previous E30 were tastefully done. Can't wait to see what you do to the M3. Keep us updated on the progress.


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              I love it how you painted the bumper trim body color and got rid of the door moldings, it looked fantastic and those ix flares were cool ! Gave me an idea of what to do next with some of my e30 projects that I have :idea:


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                Very cool. I look forward to seeing progress/final results.
                1988 Lachssibler/Black
                46xxx miles and counting : )


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                  I've seen that car before. good luck with her.
                  can't wait to see it finished.


                  12/87 Zinnoberrot
                  3/87 Henna


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                    thanks for the not sure what ill be doing with the motor..have alot of time to think about that seeing the car will be in the body shop for 2 months. Im working on it as i have time at work, me and my dad own 2 auto repair shops and as i can sneak away every minute i try.

                    i know many are reluctant on the swaps, but i want good, reliable hp and a swap in my opinion is the way to go.

                    wheels definatly are getting changed, m-pars is what i want to go with

                    Vlad if you want ix flares and skirts, the ones that were on my old ix are sitting in a friends garage trying to get sold, ill check on that if you would like me too

                    ooo yea btw my previous e30 was totaled by a drunk driver in a neon, smashed in the r/s and ruined that car...sad day

                    the project lives...


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                      Originally posted by bmw540i View Post
                      i know many are reluctant on the swaps, but i want good, reliable hp and a swap in my opinion is the way to go.
                      Dunno how much experience you have with E30 M3's, but the S14 is a very robust and reliable motor. In any case if your original motor is in good condition, I'll be in the market for one come next tax return season :fishin: :yeah:

                      Keep us updated!!
                      1990 M3/1998 M3 Sedan


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                        those rims look familiar. Are they 15x7s by chance. Sold a set awhile back. Good luck with the project and as others have asked what are your plans?


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                          Ti Kienes malaka!?! Loving the 540! Can't wait to see what you do with the M3


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                            yea they want them back?? hahha

                            i need to first fix the body, i already have ordered many new body parts and have almost finished stripping the car.

                            As for after that, i think i may swap an s50 motor and just build it as a comfort/sport car as my 540 not gonna hugely track it and chicago roads suck ass so i need some forgivness...lowered, h&r springs and bilstein sports should do the trick, with bigger sways and poly bushings..

                            brakes will be stockies but x drilled with some good pads and ss brake lines..

                            exhaust will be catless with a muffler, idk which one yet

                            interior will have vaders and be redone in all black

                            nice ice equipment

                            18" m-pars with some good rubber
                            and that sohuld be it

                            the project lives...


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                              vlad thanks for the appreciation of my iX, i was hated on alot for the mods i they were not e30 enough..

                              the project lives...