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***pics from the Watkins Glen Vintage GP** pic overload, a lot of rare cars!

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  • ***pics from the Watkins Glen Vintage GP** pic overload, a lot of rare cars!

    let me just tell you, that some of these cars were so rare that you could proly only see them few times in your life at special events like this one was !

    Friday, the main street at the Glen was shot down and all the vintage machines took their place on the starting grid just like it was many years ago

    this event was all about Bugattis, there were so many of these awesome racers from the past

    hello from the Watkins Glen Grand Prix, I am....

    anybody recognises this guy ? :

    a lot more pics to come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    some of the cars parked on the streets on Friday

    classic Fords at the local Ford dealer

    there were so many Jaguars that my head was spinning

    check out this 356/550 speedster conversion

    some more classic porsches

    some crazy camber


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      and then they took the parade laps around the old city circuit

      short video :


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        Great shots! Your car looked great from what I saw as we passed each other a few times. I've been going to the Vintage Grand Prix for 16 straight years now, so I'm at the point that I only take pictures of what I haven't seen before. The good thing I still come home with more pictures! Too bad the weather wasn't better. Oh well there is always next year.
        1991 E30 M3
        2007 Jeep Commander Overland
        2013 Fiat 500 Abarth


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          few more cars around the main street on Fri night

          Hartge 5 series

          anybody in the market for the 2002?

          clean e30

          this car blew me away, the best, most awesome example of 3.0 CS I've ever seen !!!!!!!!! Wow...

          very clean 535iS

          I HAVE A SOFT SPOT FOR THESE E12s... just awesome !


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            The shirt gave it away Vlad, but it looks like you caught him in the bushes in the middle of something. :smile2: Thanks for the pics.


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              Sat morning, on the way to the race track

              Ferrari BB512

              AND THE CAR SHOW

              I love this Benz, the design is timeless and classic



              All new Allard, with 2 year/24k mile warranty and 6 engine choices (amazing)


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                Originally posted by vlad View Post
                All new Allard, with 2 year/24k mile warranty and 6 engine choices (amazing)
                This is a bummer. :(
                They also brought "back" the ugliest variant of the J2X as well.

                Nice photos Vlad!
                Chris L.

                Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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                  typical scenes at the Glen (just like it was 35 years ago)

                  more English bandits

                  I love this TR4, it's my favorite

                  this Ausitn Healey was awesome !

                  what a wild shape on these TVRs !!!

                  Ferrari 275 GTB





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                    when I saw this car I was speechless 1972 3.0CS with s38 M5 motor


                    e30 touring

                    2002 touring

                    euro 635

                    e30 m3

                    super clean 2002s


                    e34 Alpina B10



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                      so I go back to the track on Sunday and the Heavens have opened ! Rain...

                      heavy rain and fog stopped the racing, so I went around the track to look at some more cars

                      never see Cobras with their tops on

                      this guy is very famous among Porsche enthusiasts, Mr. Becker, he is the one who was building the 550 spyder and speedster replicas for the past 30 years, here he is with his latest creation, the turn-key 904 replica

                      no words....ahhhh... the Schnitzer racing CSL

                      I met these guys on my way home, bunch of hard cores


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                        All i can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :OMG:

                        WHAT AN ABSOLUTLEY AWESOME SHOW!!!!

                        You were absolutely right about there being cars that you'll only see ONCE in your life!!

                        Thanks for taking the time out to post all of the pics of the cars. I felt like i was there just by scrollling through all the pics.

                        These are my Fav's by the way:

                        1.) White Audi Sport Quattro
                        2.) Triumph TR4's
                        3.) Alpina B10
                        4.) Schnitzer CSL at the end

                        I'm sure if i was there i would have some more fav's but these stood out the most in my memory. Too many pics to scroll through...

                        Also love seeing the 14" Panasports on all the racers like it used to be...

                        Thanks again...
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                          Vlad, thanks for sharing the pics. Truly a great collection of cars that weekend.


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                            Looks like the Glenn was the better of the two events to goto vs LRP same old car turn out.
                            Who knows where I'll be, changes from day to Continent.


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                              Vlad... you should pick up that 2002 and save it.. make it one of your next projects!

                              GREAT PICS.. definately want to make it to that show next year!
                              Have a nice day. :hi: