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Just random pics of MS parts for the build.

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  • Just random pics of MS parts for the build.

    Before the JB fly is posted off to the buyer i thought i would take some pictures of the three flys i have to hand. (shame i dont have a good enough scale to weigh all these)

    First is a stock B20, B23 non Evo II fly wheel (i have a SE one but its on one of my cars)

    The second one in the picture is a BMW MS unit with a AP twin copper Plate clutch.

    The third is a 8pound JB racing unit.

    It would be ideal if i could weigh all these with clutches on a good scale just to see how much of a mass difference there really is between them all. But from my really accurate arm scales the MS fly with the AP clutch is lighter than the JB fly without a clutch!

    Also sourced some new MS Poly pulleys for the crank, alternator and water pump. Again very very light!

    Does anyone have the part number for this pin? Again its a MS part.

    And does anyone know if this is a MS bracket? as ive never seen one like this before.


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    where did you get that main crank pulley from?
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      holy flywheel batman!
      That thing is likey. Looks like a mean motor on the way. Contact UUC, they may have something for that DSSR style selector rod like they are now selling.


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        The pulleys were sourced from within the UK and were the last ones the seller had :-( as i would have bought two full sets for all the cars.

        Ill contact UUC thanks


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          markus should have that pin number. he made a run of those MS shifters a while ago.
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            Very tasty Andrew!

            Will be keeping a close eye on your threads!


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              So these are the Motorsport morsels we spoke about!

              Can't wait to see the finished car, I trust there will be plenty more photographs!