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  • I just could NOT resist

    S14 Kompressor :woohoo:

    Found her in Craigslist for sale this AM:evilnah: Drove 80 miles and took her for a test drive and told myself I got to have it:gotcha:. 138k miles she was originally owned by a female doctor for 12 years then purchased by an engineer and had the Vortech Supercharger and suspension installed. The paint is kinda tired (lots of chips)but the motor runs strong and tight. 238 whp on the dyno chart.With a good paint job and TLC this baby will shine.:jakeroutine: Will bring her straight to the body shop for a complete paint job with my Lachsilber.

    My #3 S14:ha:

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    wooooow. i saw the ad and i thought "theres no way this ad is serious, who would put a blower on a s14".

    so what does it feel like driving? mad low end pull now?

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      Definitely a nut house I need to arrange a customer meeting in SF soon
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        Man, you're crazy Alvin. Congrats on the new addition. Now you need a motor swapped car to round out your collection.:soccer:


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          Wow, building quite the collection. Congrats on the new car. Should post up some in car video or give us a sound clip of what the super charger sounds like.

          - Kyle


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            Congrats, nice have a great collection of original, tastefully modded cars.


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              Now all you need is a DS and a SE and your collection will be complete.
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                I think finally needs a video of a supercharged E30 M3.


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                  haha You're awesome.


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                    Supercharged S14! That is sick. Congrats on the find.


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                      Alvin, great find. I've never seen a supercharged s14, just turbo'ed versions. don't forget to ad a full DTM my to your collection

                      I'll have to swing by again to check out your collection. let me know if you need assistance taking them them all to the next car meet
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                        The car pulls w/ everything stock 238whp vs my 2.5 with 226whp. Believe it or not its very quiet. I was so amazed I got to buy the damn thing :ha: It will be another project car on the work starting tom:fyeah: First stop bodyshop for a complete repaint (same color) then I think my 18x8.5/9.5 gold RS from Markus or my 18x8.5/9.5 ACS type III would look good with this sleeper:sailor:

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                          what kind of news paper are they using there for wheel protection?

                          That should be another sweet car when its complete. We all talk about saving M3's and not letting them go to waste in junk yards and what not. Your saving them one at a time all on your own! When does the ATAN M3 museum open?
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                            German news bro :burnbaby:


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                              You're a real sonofabitch!