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My M3 E30 V8 4.4

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  • My M3 E30 V8 4.4

    Hi guys,

    Here is my long awaited project.

    French M3 E30 1987 baught with 200.000km on the odo.

    Chassis refreshed, full paint, V8 4.4 from 540i E39 with 6 speed gearbox from M5 E39. Full racing exhaust system

    KW Compétition 3ways suspension, roll cage, full PainLess wiring

    Team Dynamics ProRace 1.2 wheels 9x18 (225/40 front and 255/35 rear with semi-slick Toyo R888)

    Front D2 Brake kit, bigger anti-roll bars front/rear, modified rear/front wishbone (not sure about the correct word of this part)

    Anyway here are some pictures...

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    Looks like a tight fit.

    Any details on the 8-pot D2 brakes?


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      Originally posted by chutrain View Post
      Looks like a tight fit.

      Any details on the 8-pot D2 brakes?
      This 356mm 8pot kit is for M3 E36, it need some mods and spacers to fit E30 but nothing very complicated

      BTW inside of the car is not finished at all, still lot of work to get the perfect touch inside as well :smile2:


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        Wow, stunning!
        "A Delicate Balance between Form and Function"


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          I love the KW's

          I guess the 4.4L V8 isn't bad either...
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            Looks real nice! How does she move with the 4.4? I want KW's in the worst way


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              Originally posted by OOMPH! View Post
              How does she move with the 4.4?
              The bigger question is "How does she turn?" What's the weight distribution like?


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                So, you run 355mm front rotors and... stock rear. Right? Have you removed the pressure limiting valve to the rear and how small/big are the front pistons?

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                  Weight distribution -> will weight front/rear tomorrow but V8 is 100% aluminium so not bad i hope and also lowered and put back compared to original S14.

                  About brakes, rear need upgrade as well of course, no way to use hard the brakes in this configuration, car is not finished yet but running very nice, torque is incredible, no need to rev high to enjoy the car!

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                  BTW here is the suspension kit from KW
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                    Originally posted by dragonnoir View Post

                    BTW here is the suspension kit from KW
                    I believe this is what they call "parts porn.":girl:Lovin' it!


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                      very nice.. car is sick..
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                        pron !!! :drive:

                        anything done to the motor ?


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                          Originally posted by vlad View Post
                          pron !!! :drive:

                          anything done to the motor ?
                          Just the full racing exhaust line (headers need to be modified to fit the E30).

                          Next step will be to fit a supercharger to the V8 [peace]


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                            Awesome project! The stuff from KW looks sick!

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                              1140kg weight today!

                              620kg on front axle, 520kg on rear axle