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Couple shots with the new wheels....

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  • Couple shots with the new wheels....

    Morning all, below are a few shots of her with some new wheels. Just pulled her from hibernation last weekend. Enjoy. (Center caps were installed after the pics)

    Mark M
    E30 M3 / E46 M3 / E83 X3

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    Looks good!

    1991 M3 - SOLD | 1991 318is Slicktop


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      Looks nice, Style 5's are the best! Any plans of maybe dropping the front a bit? Stock or upgraded springs? if upgraded, you can easily cut 1-2" it without affecting anything since the coil would still be supported by the bushing. It would looks best without the fender clearance.
      Did you polish the wheels?
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        Very clean look. The Style 5's compliment the red cars really well.


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          Hey Bing, thanks for the compliment. Yes, I do have plans to try and drop her a bit more. Currently she has H&R sport springs, the 318i version which does make it sit lower than the standard 325 / M3 version. (same spring rates).

          Model 50404 1.25" / 1.25" vs Model 50406 1" / .75" respectively.

          However, in the spirit of helping the economy, I plan on grabbing a set of H&R race springs and removing the front spring pads for even further drop. All in the near future.
          E30 M3 / E46 M3 / E83 X3


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            Wow looks good! What tire and tire size did you chose to go with all around?


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              Thanks M-TRD3, hope you found a solution for yours...recall you and I had a few messages on tire size options last week. For mine, I have the following.

              215 40 17 front
              235 40 17 rear

              Running the Goodyear F1-DS3s. Amazing tire, very grippy and long lasting too for a performance tire.

              The 215 front are all but identical to the stock diameter 15" setup. However, the 235 rear is about 2.2% larger diameter, so my speedo is off slightly and it affects launch off the line just slightly. But hey....these wheels are not for racing....these are my showy rims. I have 15" RA1s for the track.
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              E30 M3 / E46 M3 / E83 X3


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                ^ Thanks Empowered, after much deliberation, earlier this week I ordered new Falken FK 452's in 235/40/17 for all corners, they actually arrive today, I really hope Im happy with them once theyre installed. Your pictures have me somewhat worried because the 215/40/17s look good upfront to me (not undersized at all like some people told me they would be) I hope the 235's up front for me wont look too big, especially seeing as my car isnt lowered... I guess only time will tell lol, I plan to have them on within the next week.

                Your Help has been Much appreciated Empowered.


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                  looks tits!
                  1990 e30 m3


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                    It's sitting on a hill on the E brake so it's gonna have some squat in the butt. Looks fantastic, why does everyone else have such uber paint.... :( Spring time Jealousy is bad.

                    Is that another M hiding in the garage? Looks like an E36/4?
                    Who knows where I'll be, changes from day to Continent.


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                      Looks sexy!!! Summer was here months ago, actually we didnt really have winter here. hahaha. jk.



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                        post some pics with the center caps on ! are you coming to trenton, nj meet on 5.3.08 ? ? ?


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                          Yes, that is an E36 M 4 door hiding in the background.

                          Here she is in an older pic that has been up before. Full ground control coil overs with Konis. Fun car, great as a semi-daily-driver. An e34 is my all around everyday car. The e36 gets some occasional action. The e30 is the crown |auto-edit||auto-edit||auto-edit|el of my humble collection.

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                          E30 M3 / E46 M3 / E83 X3