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Bimmerfest 2008 Coverage.

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    [QUOTE=arvzs1;289983]Nice pics guys! Alvin, you're car looks sweet! When will you introduce the other members of your E30 m3 family(SC&TC)? Their not finish yet?

    Once there done I will post pics right away bro.


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      Originally posted by Mdriver View Post
      What? No Encino Man references?

      It looked like a great turnout. I have plenty of excuses for why I did not go just in case Criss asks.

      - gabor
      oh hey! gabor you're still alive! where you been man?
      "You must drive this car before you die, it really is that good." BMWCar Magazine re:the e30m3; Oct. 2002


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        Hey Kaz,

        I was in Europe for a few weeks and then got engaged, so free time has been nowhere to be found. I actually checked my M3 log the other day and I have only put 4000 miles on the car in the past 12 months. Now the fiance and I are moving into a new place next week.

        The good news is next June we are moving to West LA.


        Originally posted by Emdrie View Post
        oh hey! gabor you're still alive! where you been man?
        October 1987 build date.


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          Originally posted by ///CRISS View Post

          Cody's a cool guy. And he has good taste!

          He's already considering buying another one so hopefully he'll be around for a long time.
          In cars yes, in hairstyles, no. Might I suggest werewovles in london? (His hair wass perfect!)

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          Originally posted by BingM3 View Post
          The 4800 mile M3, is that the CAVEMAN FROM THE GEICO commercial?
          No it's Chewbacca. What a Wookie! (g'head - name the film that line is from!)

          All joking aside, cool car and welcome to the club.
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            atan888: Your car is sick! Period!


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              Thanks bro. One more shot sent to me by Yan3 on our way home:hi:

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                Originally posted by atan888 View Post
                Thanks bro. One more shot sent to me by Yan3 on our way home:hi:

                Great shot. Love the rolling hills backdrop.


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                  Originally posted by Cody View Post
                  and btw, it was really nice meeting all of you, S14 people are a whole lot nicer than e36 people
                  Welcome to Cody & it was good to meet you as well.

                  "Simply because you can breathe doesn't mean you're ALIVE or that you really LIVE...." - Rise Against


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                    Hey Alvin I thought your car wasn't alpine? didn't you paint it a different color? Just wodering from your sig info.