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    Let's Go Flyers :jakeroutine:

    Oh yeah - congrats :yeah:
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      congratulations. some strange things may happen. don't be surprised if after an all day detail, you find yourself looking through the garage door to see the henna glow on the ceiling. or, on a concrete road the same henna glow on the road. i drove mine the length of 66 and counted over 30 people that specifically pulled along side and gave thumbs up. the car has a following. the color is amazing. it was rejected by the marketing department and misunderstood... i love it. hennarot. nothing like it. i have worn the hinges off the garage door. i drive it. if not, i may as well have a picture. drive it. i am so fanatical, i just ripped the garage doors off and installed clopay carriage doors for it. white gloss epoxy floor is next to glow the henna. don't ever sell it. enjoy it. good job. congratulations. i have bought 9 sets of rims. for the crash tests and shipping and dot regulations, the offset is the only thing that needs to be changed back to the race spec. so... zero mm. try to get a set of the evo bbs 16" with 15mm h&r rear and 12mm h&r front. that's if anything. leaving it as is fine too. but, use my experience to save you some money. have fun.
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        very nice! congrats.

        A special thank you to:
        archie, chutrain, carfantiti, ///M3 Terr, Jake, G2NY, Justin(OKC), Andyman746, dllance, NameIsStanley, JP, Speedvill, blyguy, MTLALEX, ///M0F01SD, Tom64, GK-E30M3, L James, ///CRISS, Das Boots, e30polak, DrWillb, Cactusjacks1, E30terry, S14E30M3 and all the S14 members who have showed support and contacted me.


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          Thanks to everyone for the kind words!
          88 E30 M3 Hennarot
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            Just had her out for her first real drive. My goodness this is a wonderful car -- built for the twisty mountain roads of Colorado. I am hooked!

            And yes . . . the Henna glow in the garage is a trip. Love it.
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            88 E30 M3 Hennarot
            95 E36 M3 Avusblau (Track Car)


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              [QUOTE=M3 Madness;291223]Well . . . after five patient years to include seven months on this particular car, she arrived today.

              - All OEM, original panels, numbers matching and stock.
              - 91,701 miles.
              - All mine.

              A special thanks to Ron///Man for his care and attention with providing a thorough and detailed PPI. The car is just wonderful and I couldn't be more thrilled.

              I am looking forward to learning more from the forum and hopefully contributing.




              I'm glad she arrived Ok, and that you're happy. This is certailny one sweet car, and I hope you get many years of enjoyment out of it. I was glad to put you in touch with the former owner and to do the PPI for you.
              Ron ///Man

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                Congrats, dude. Very nice car.


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                  nice henna!!


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                    Congrats mate. Nice clean car!
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                      congrats!! looks beautiful