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here is my car

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  • here is my car

    This is the day I got her had a welcome home party

    this is me being bored.

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    Coilovers are not my bag baby...I am happy the way she is.

    the stuff the car came with are as follows
    58K miles
    Evo air box
    B-sport shocks
    Ebach springs
    cross drilled rotors (they need replacement)

    I added the
    Evo II steering wheel
    Sparco Strut bar

    I dont like the rims but they will do for now I want to secure a set of 16" basket weaves probally off a e39 sport. Other than that its staying the way she.


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      Do you mean the 17s from the 528s? My friend has those, they look really nice. Your seats look perfect, it looks like someone took really good care of them!! Looks like a really nice car.


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        thanks for the compliment the car is clean but not perfect interior was a great selling point

        not the throwing stars I want the Basketweaves look in 16"

        The Evo wheels are $$$$$$$ I hear the e38 and e39 basket weaves will fit so I will look into those.