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  • BIR track pics

    I just recently stumbled upon some posted pics of a slowpokes event at BIR last summer, on one of the participants website. I remembered the car and his owner, I was lapping with him that day. I sorted through all of the pictures of the "cool important cars" (vettes and 911s), and found that I crept into a couple. :cool:

    This is a map of BIR. Note the mile+ straightaway, and the two turns that follow. The first is even cambered quite a bit. A combination of stock suspension with G-force KDs or V700s provides a thrill.

    Chasing a 911 Turbo through turn 9. I recall shortshifting a tab before, then exiting under the bridge at around 90.

    And again....

    Pretty sweet seeing the stock suspension get worked in those external shots. I'm going to miss the old setup this fall.

    And now for me to get to the important part of this post, witty criticism of the jackass driver this weekend. :focker:

    I remember this guy alright. 390ish hp NSX with nawz. He was telling me and my buddy that the only good thing BMW has ever done was the motor for the Mclaren F1. Total ignorant jerkoff. The stories posted on his site are hilarious!!!! Check some of them out. Theres a great story of the responsible street driving that led to such a method of track driving.

    "I had a pack of people watching me (both on and off the track) and giving me tips, but mostly they kept asking if I was sure it was my first time on a track, because I was passing slower cars left and right."

    "I was running fresh Mobil 1 5w30. The instructor told me that all the Porsche guys run 15w50 M1, so right over to the Fleet Farm we went to pick up a couple cases."

    "Braking was the hardest part to just "get right", but when I came into tight right or left handers WAY too fast, I just turned the wheel, stayed on the gas and the car took the corner. Iím used to driving fast on the street, so I know to NEVER lift in a corner. I kind of scared Mike a few times but thatís what friends are for."

    Yea, fucking chuckle chuckle. I applaud his instructor. I would never ride with the jackass behind the wheel of a car like that, using logic like he does. Way to drive that car like a 16 year does in his riced civic. Hail exit speed!

    And my very favorite......
    "I had one Porsche guy tell me that if he carried the corner speed I did into Turn 3 he would upside down in the ditch and on fire. That made me smile."

    Ill expect to see him on the ballot in '08.

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    Nice pics. The car is stock? Looks like a fun track. Very green....


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      Very fun track. At the time the car had a JC chip, 225 Gforce KDs, Hawk HP+'s, Sparco front bar, and for that particular event I am not sure if it had the Evo 2 lower airbox.

      I am creaming in my pants pondering a lap in my car as it stands now. Not much more power, but I know so much more about the car now, and the improvements I have made will help IMMENSELY. I won't write a novel, but it includes:

      -a bit more power
      -reliable brake system
      -recaro SPG + roll bar
      -v700s (improved laptimes by nearly 5 seconds over KDs)
      -a lot less wieght

      id also like to replace the 120k mile OEM suspension with TMS's J-stock system. we'll see.


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        was that the event i was riding with you at?? nice pics.
        1990 M3/1998 M3 Sedan


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          I dont think so. This event was sometime in June. You were with me for the event near the end of August.