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Anyone From SF Bay Area Going to Legends of Autobahn at Rancho Canada Monterey?

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  • Anyone From SF Bay Area Going to Legends of Autobahn at Rancho Canada Monterey?

    I was just cleaning off my intake runners and wondered if anyone is planning on attending the German car events over the August 19th weekend?

    We can take our cars down there for the weekend. If we really wanted to, we could crash on my Friend's sailboat in Monterey harbor. Its nothing fancy, but it would certainly be cheaper than staying in a hotel.

    I believe to show your car on the greens, you need to be a BMW CCA active member and pay $30 if you just want to show off your ride and $60 if you want to enter your car into the concours judging.

    I know it is still pretty early, but it is always good to plan ahead.

    PM me or respond to this thread.


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    My club's putting on the event and if I go there will be 2 open rooms and 2 couch spots up for grabs in salinas.

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      I would be interested. That will give me a deadline to finish my damn car!
      1988 E30 M3 S38
      1970 E10 2002 S14


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        What is the parking and security like at the lodging in salinas? Don't take it personally but I have heard that some parts of town are not that safe, especially for a pack of relatively rare and easier to steal vehicles.

        If I crashed in Monterey Harbor, I would have to park in public garage, but I do not know how safe that is. I wouldn't be able to see the car from the sailboat and that would make me somewhat nervous.

        My 0.2 cents


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          You are about an hour from Monterey! Why not just drive down that morning? I may be interested...


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            There is another thread over in the events section on this event -

            Gonna be a great event - 25th anniversary recognition of the E30 M3's.

            See you there!