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2.5 284/276 A/N map request

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  • 2.5 284/276 A/N map request

    Just finished up the wiring on my MAXX tonight, not gonna get a chance to set the TPS etc tonight.

    But an even bigger problem, I have no laptop as of right now!
    So I'm putting in a request for a 2.5 map, if anyone has a map for the meantime close to my setup, please share :cool:

    Turner 2.5 kit
    284/276 Schricks
    stock header
    SS center section with Borla exhaust
    turner JC 2.5 chip (Have big greens but need a chip for them)
    Nology wires
    stock plenum

    think that about covers it, i'll be looking for a laptop soon and I can set the TPS with one of my old CPU's in the garage with the MAXX software, maybe even idle

    The Chuck giveth, and the Chuck taketh away

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    you do know that that is taking a risk?

    You will probably get close if the map is right, but
    each motor is a little different. I recommend,
    find a lap top and start tuning it yourself.
    If you can hook up a wideband while you tune it
    even better. part throttle stuff should not be so bad with
    someone elses map, it might be using more gas than
    necessary in some places and a little lean in others.
    Full throttle shoudl be avoided until you can measure
    it properly.



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      I have a map and have close to what you have, it will still need some fine tuning.

      I also have a spare Toshiba laptop if you are interested in it.

      Right now I'm on a Mac so I can't email it to you.

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      At least it's German


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        shoot me an E-mail Mike when you can [email protected]

        The Chuck giveth, and the Chuck taketh away