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So I washed, waxed, and took some pictures...

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  • So I washed, waxed, and took some pictures...

    And while doing so I realized I hate the wheels I'm running on the street. They must go. Sorry to all you 56kers.

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    looks good steve. what cage are you running and suspension as well. Looks pretty close to my car, only mine is sterling silver


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      The cage is a run of the mill bolt in unit from Autopower. It fits like a charm and I have the ability to take it out if need be. She's on Turner's J Stocks 450F/600R with their revalved Bilsteins. ST sways...adj camber plates- pretty much everything Turner offered with the J Stock deal. The more I ponder whether or not I want to try my hand with it in club racing, the less interested I am so I might get rid of them and call Ground Control. I've been fairly limited in what I could do to the car because of the potentiality of running in J Stock, but I think it'll be more fun if I just build the car the way I want to and run it in open track days. Besides, all these LA guys already have faster cars...


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        Forgot one


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          Schnitzers it is!


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            I'd go with the ACS over the RD's!!!
            Is your passenger seat mounted crooked or is that an optical illusion of the picture? I like the first picture!!
            Chris L.

            Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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              I'll be damned. Chris, I've never noticed that before. I sure hope it is an illusion.

              I'm going to go out and check.

              Edit: Hell, it is crooked. I guess that gives me something to do today!
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