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  • One before pic

    Here is one before pic.

    Car info:
    '88 Cinnabar Red
    17" Motorsport E36 M3 wheels
    Car is very ROUGH just picked it up in San Antonio a couple of months ago. Interior basically trashed except for the dash which is in perfect condition. Which is actually good because the car is going into J Prepared club racing. Every bushing on the car is shot, it has Monroe Sensatrac shocks on the rear, and totally dead stock struts on the front. Paint is a horrible respray that looks like it was applied with spray cans. All the panels on the car are original except for the right rear quarter panel. Frame is dead straight though. Motor is strong! All cylinders test with 10% with 3 of the 4 over 200psi. And the best part is that I picked it up for less than 5k.
    So far its had a new steering rack installed and the interior stripped. Next comes suspension. Most likely going with a TCKline/Koni Custom setup, double adjustable dampers all around. After that will come either a custom cage or a bolt in Safety Devices cage. Evo flywheel and heavy duty clutch. Race seats & harnesses, and then it will be time to go racing!!!

    I will try to post some progress pics over the next couple of months.

    '88 Zinno (Racecar)
    '95 Hellrot (Streetcar)

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    Not bad for 5K

    you can probably make some of it back by posting the stuff you are gettong rid of in the FOR SALE section.