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**New Updated Pics of my E30 M3**

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  • **New Updated Pics of my E30 M3**

    the euro tow hook covers
    Now you need euro DE lights and euro front grills


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    It's about time you installed the covers!!!!
    now you still need to get the undertray on there!:idea:

    Do not click
    At least it's German


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      Now THATS what Im talking about. Beautiful, Rob. I have such a soft spot for Alpinweiss. Euro tow hook covers look tits no? Yeah, I have an undertray waiting for me too, I cant wait to install it.


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        Originally posted by ROB89M3

        Next mod will hopefully be CF DTM intake and evo III hood seals.

        any other suggestions folks ?
        YOU READ MY MIND! Those are my next mods as well. I want the hood seals and the intake is waiting for me at my uncles shop. Why not try the E3 or E2 rear? Other than that, your cars exterior looks boobs.


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          Originally posted by ROB89M3
          The E3 rear wing will slow the car down,
          I believe it only slows it down like 90+ MPH or something like that. But you do have a point. Along with the drop in mileage (not like that matters to me anyways, lol). I think the E2 rear is a great option cuz its subtle, and I rarely see them on enthusiast cars. I only first saw one in a pic where I could notice it on a pic of a real Evo2 last week.


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            You can really get slowed down with the wing, but it does look cool, and you get a TON more grip in the twisties!

            So you guys want this stuff......

            The CF mirrors are cool, but you have to pay more attention to them, the hood seals ROCK, make sure you clean the fender first, then make sure you cut them AFTER you glue then them.

            The air box is the best mod I have ever put in! make sure you get the right size airbox for you car, there are like 5 differant ones on the market that I have found. There are a few things that you need to change out with it also.

            The biggest draw back is having to fabricate a airfilter into it.

            Do not click
            At least it's German


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              "Just road, seat, ASS; THE END!" - Jeremy Clarkson
              "If you had a choice between a million dollars and world peace, what would you get for your E30 M3?" - ItsNotTheNissan


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                Mike your car is awesome!
                1988 BMW M3
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                  Mike, thats a tease to flash us with your babes cf stuff under the hood. Please close it. haha. JK.

                  Rob. Thought you sold your M3? Nice pics!


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                    03-23-2003 07:25 PM


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                      hahaha...can't believe you brought this up again. btw, your car is really clean. i like...but too bad you sold it.


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                        haha talk about an old thread!!! next maybe someone will post that video of ole' rob sliding around a corner, backwards into a parked car!
                        1990 M3/1998 M3 Sedan


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                          Oh you mean THIS one?

                          Chris L.

                          Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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                            Your M3 was sick... hope you are enjoying the CRX's.

                            Do not buy from "Low Level"!


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                              i think the cf splitter looks out of place on a white m3 with all clear lights. it would look much better with an evo 2 splitter as well. just an all white kindof thing, icky. otherwise your car is pretty sick. the wheels are very original although in my opinion 1 inch too large for the height of your car. this fact wouldnt stick out too much if you had the oem mirrors, but you have the ones that make the e30 m3 look like a penguin with large hips.

                              a car worth getting? elise? oh man.