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High Point State Park Drive III ....................

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  • High Point State Park Drive III ....................

    It was nice meeting you all today. Hopefully we can do a Summer or a Fall run.

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    It was a very good turnout 12 e30 M3's in total,

    I can't wait to see some of the photos that were taken.


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      I want to thank Magnus for putting together a great meet, can't wait for the next one. I also enjoyed meeting all you guys and your cars, It was a truly a wonderful day.



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        Yeah, I finally met some people and it was a lot of fun. Was the first Gathering that I've been too. I had a great time and am looking forward to future meetings. Was also nice seeing all those E30's in one place for me at least. Some really nice cars I saw. I can't wait to see those pictures either. I was the only person without a digital camera. =\
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          def an awsome meet

          Shes sold now :(


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            Nice to meet new folks....

            I had a great time. The highlight of the day was how the Group helped out in time of need.

            Did the e36 came back alright? Hope so.

            See you guys again soon..



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              Re: Nice to meet new folks....

              Originally posted by Bing

              Did the e36 came back alright? Hope so.

              we were able to get the car on the road for the rest of the drive, but it will need minor adjustments, nothing that will disable the car for more than a 1/2 hour.


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                I also agree it was a great day! No one being too retarted every one "behaved" lol (i have a pic of my doing 100 lol .

                It was a lot of fun the roads were truly amazing. I have some great pics I will post them in a few. Thanks Magnus for setting this up.


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                  Highpoint Pics thread....Post them here

                  I am working on some other...but hope you like.
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                    It was a great time! I could not have picked a better group of individuals to attend this biannual event. Thank all of you for coming and helping me continue to realize the benefits of owning a great car and having cool friends.

                    Like always, thank you Nick and Adrian for being our mechanics. This has been our third run, and unfortunately it has been the fourth E36 M3 to breakdown. But, with Nick & Adrian's help, we were able to get it back up and running without the need of a flat bed.

                    I am very satisfied with everything. I appreciate everyone helping out and not getting annoyed as we configured the vehicles for photographs.

                    Next time we will stagger the participants out better so that the faster drivers are out front. Those front 5 saw average top speeds of 70-80, although when hitting 90 we had to reconsider.

                    Tom, thanks for watching my back, and helping split the group to High point.

                    Hopefully Ted and Sherry, Mike and Lisa, Mark S. can make our next event this fall.

                    I do not have Internet service right now, so I won't be around that much until it's fixed, but please post everything related to the event in this thread.

                    Thank you everyone! :jedi:

                    Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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                      Just want to give thanks out to Magnus for setting up this perennial favorite run and to everyone else that came to enjoy the drive and day!

                      Click on the pic for the full gallery...

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                        Wow, TDC some really nice pics here... I love'em!
                        Life starts at 6,000 RPM!


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                          Another E36 bit the dust, that is some serious bad news....... what happened ?


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                            Originally posted by Stillnmax
                            Another E36 bit the dust, that is some serious bad news....... what happened ?
                            The rubber bushing came off the lower part of rear shock. the PO didn't put a washer on the bolt, so the bolt pulled thru. Top-notch roadside assistance


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                              Great to meet some of you guys during the first stop over by Exit 70 in NJ! I look forward to the next meet when I may finally have my car! Should be soon!
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