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2015 - NorCal Bimmerfest drive down and back

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  • m3dragon
    That night some of the gang got restless so we made the trek over to Hollywood to head down Hollywood Blvd. After cruising down the blvd and seeing the usual crazy people, we headed to Sunset Blvd. Turning west we made the classic cruise to the ocean where we turned to head back to the hotel. Was a fun few hour run with a bunch of BMW buddies.

    Sunday the planned drive was canceled as the canyons were driving had rain the night before and was forecasted that morning. It was not worth the risk so we let the group know and made our way home.[/b]

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  • m3dragon
    After leaving San Luis Obispo we head south then turned east to drive the last of the twisty roads. We stopped at a town in

    the middle of nowhere for emergency fuel for a few people. Here we had a scare when one of the participants started driving

    his wheel started to wobble. We all stopped and found 3 of the 5 studs sheered. So with some team work we were able to get

    the old studs out and get back on the road.

    We made it to the hotel around 5:30pm and got everyone checked in for an hour of R&R before we headed to dinner.

    Saturday we headed to Bimmerfest early and hit some rain. Funny part it was only raining in the mountains and a little

    spilled over as we got close to the venue. The show has changed a lot over the years. Seems to be lest enthusiasts and a

    different crowd.

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  • m3dragon
    [b]Bimmerfest 2015 is now in the books. For all those who did not join us for the weekend of fun here is a trip recap of

    what you missed.

    Images can bee seen on the photo album here:

    Video will be posted once edited so stay tuned for that.

    Sacramento group left promptly at 5:00am from Elk Grove and made the trek to Hollister to meet the other member who signed

    up for this drive and event. As you can see the weather was rain free and traffic was light for the drive down.

    On the way to Hollister we somehow timed it perfectly to meet the central valley CA gang on I5. As we drive over under one

    of the over passes we see them driving over and get on the freeway. This was not planned and I am sure we could not have

    planned it any better even if we tried.

    With an hour still left to travel the now bigger group made a quick stop for the restrooms and to stretch our legs. After

    about 10 minutes we all loaded back up and hit the road to make it to Hollister by 7:30am.

    Arriving in Hollister around 7:30am we topped our cars off with fuel and waited for the rest of the participants to show

    up. By 7:40am we had everyone that signed up onsite. We had 21 cars signed up with one drop out who was replaced by one tag

    along. So we started the day with 21 cars to make the 408 mile trek down to Pasadena.

    First leg was pretty much traffic free until we hit a local for about 10 mile stretch where they would not pull over.

    Luckley they turned off towards King City and we were traffic free the rest of the day on the back roads.

    We hit San Luis Obispo around 11:30am and stopped for lunch at Firestone Grill. We waited about 2 minutes before the pre

    ordered lunch arrived. They knew were coming and everyone got to experience really good BBQ. So in under 30 minutes we fed

    a group of 40 people and hit the road.

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  • m3dragon
    If anyone still wish to participate in this sign ups are open until Monday the 18th. Decals and event packet will not be mailed and will be handed to you day of the event.

    See those who signed up early on the 22nd.

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  • m3dragon
    5 days left to sign up for our drive down. Currently there is 15 of us doing this drive so if you wish to join, don't forget to sign up.

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  • m3dragon
    Most recent claimed numbers.

    Q&A from post on other forms and emails.

    1. Yes - there is a caravan from Sacramento to Hollister the day of the event. We are leaving VERY earlier. Details of time and location will be emailed to those who sign up.

    2. For those who live in the central valley, we do have a meet up point on the route so you can join the group for the drive down.

    3. If you need a radio, Motorola brand radios work best from experience. Models 25 miles up are what most of us going run. Cobra seems not to be as reliable so spend the money of the good radios.

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  • m3dragon
    Recent numbers claimed

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  • markseven
    Nicely done. You are an asset to the community.

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  • m3dragon
    Current numbers already claimed. If you want a specific number it is first come first serve.

    If you are in the central valley there is a meet up point you can meet the group at so you don't have to trek all the way to Hollister.

    There will be a Sacramento caravan down that leaves way to early for those don't want an extra over night stay.

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  • m3dragon
    started a topic 2015 - NorCal Bimmerfest drive down and back

    2015 - NorCal Bimmerfest drive down and back


    This a pay your own way event. This means even me the organizer pays my own way to attend. Organizing drives is my hobby and I enjoy putting the events on. I also pay for the website and store system out of my own pocket to make sharing information and registering easier on everyone. I am doing this drive/event as several people asked me to do it so here you go.

    2015 Bavarian Weekend Expedition - May 22nd – 24th 2014

    The California Bavarian Expedition Weekend is an event open to any and all motor enthusiast. The event is a planned three day trip starting with a fun drive from Hollister and ending in Pasadena California on Friday the 22nd. Saturday morning on the 23rd will spent at the Bimmerfest Car show with fellow BMW enthusiasts. Sunday the 23rd is the drive home for all in attendance.

    Register for the drive / event here

    Fee Schedule

    The base fee has includes all the major items for the drive down to make it easier to keep the group moving as well as provide a fun memento of the drive down.

    Base fee is $65.00 - Covers decal (w/number choice, shipping, PayPal fees, printed maps)

    Bavarian Eagal decal

    Additional items have been worked out at a group rate to make the drive down / stay easier for the group.

    $15 - BBQ lunch May 22 - Pre Paid to have food ready and to get the group in and out.
    (Burgers OR, TriTip Sandwich OR, Pulled pork Sandwich, and Chips OR Fries, and Soda)

    Super 8 Motel
    $88 - Per night rate for single room bed (tax and parking fees included)
    $98 - Per night rate for single room bed (tax and parking fees included)

    I have 10 rooms held currently and can't hold any more without paying for them. So if you want a room at these rates please pay ASAP so I can pay for your room now and hold it.

    Deadline to register for this group trip is May 11th.

    Itinerary of activities for the weekend

    Day 1: Drivers Day
    Drive from Northern California to Pasadena along fun and twisty back roads. We are avoiding as much freeway as possible in order to have a fun drive VS a speed and distance drive. Lunch will be in San Luis Obispo at the Firestone Grill.

    For this drive the we request you have a Motorola brand radio that can do sub-chennels. This is for safety reason as well as to ensure the group stays together. The cheap radios don't work so just buy a Motorola.

    Start Of the event
    Meet Time: 7:30am - Meet and greet and drivers meeting
    Address: Safeway Fuel - 591 Tres Pinos Road, Hollister, 95023
    Depart Time: 8:00 am – ON THE DOT! If you are late you are on your own.

    Lunch Stop & Fuel Stop

    Address: Firestone Grill - 1001 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 (Pre pay for lunch)
    Lunch Time: 11:00pm – 12:00pm

    End of the day
    Arrive time: ~5:00pm
    Address: Super 8 Motel - 2863 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91107
    Meet time: 6:30pm
    Address: Slater's 50/50 - 61 North Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91103

    Day 2: Events Day
    Bimmerfest car show and track day. For those who register, we will meet at the designated area at 8:45am to be lead into the show at 9:00am. The event this year will be held at Fontana Race Way.

    Address: Fontana Race Way - 9300 Cherry Ave, Fontana, CA 92335
    Time: 8:45am – Designated area for those who paid to be part of the group

    Day 3: Drive home
    We have planned a 112 mile stretch of fun back roads to put us on the other side of the grape vine. This is our version of escape from LA. This is to give us a little fun before we hit the long boring stretch of HWY 5 home. We will be meeting somewhat early to stay ahead of the traffic.

    Meet Time: 8:00am – 8:30am
    Address: Starbucks - 475 Foothill Boulevard #M, La Cañada Flintridge, California 9101
    Depart: Leave breakfast location at 8:30am on the dot!

    Once the group has reached the other side of the grape vine, participants are on their own to make their way back home safely. For those that wish to remain in a group, a restroom break will be taken at the base of the grape vine. After the restroom stop, the group will continue up I5.

    Register for the drive / event here