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Battery going dead

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  • Battery going dead

    The battery goes dead after a few days of not driving the car. I do not have any interior lights left on or any thing other than a stock radio. Anybody have any suggestions as to where the drian is coming from? Someone mentioned at one time about the trunk light possibly staying on all the time?????
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    Im not sure if the trunk gets offset or the mechanism itself fails, but its a very common problem. Climb into your trunk and have someone close it and if the light stays on, thats your problem.


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      if it is not a drain item it could be due to the age/wear of the battery (assuming it is more than a few years old).

      I think there is always a very small drain from car alarm etc.

      Mine acted like yours last year and replacing the 5 year old battery with a new Interstate batt was the fix in my case.


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        I have the same problem. Is there a general procedure to test where the drain is coming from? I tried putting a voltmeter on the fuses when the ignition was off and about half were hot and half were off...
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          Trunk light goes off when the trunk is closed
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            Unhook the battery cable, and hook up a voltmeter to measure the amperage draw when the car is off and @ rest. Then start unplugging fuses one circuit at a time to pinpoint what circuit has draw. Once you identify the circuit, then start eliminating componets on that circuit. Some things will always draw a little power, like the computer, clock, etc.
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