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Is this a symptom of a bad SI battery?

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    UPDATE for my situation

    looks like the wires that run from the tranny up to the shifter(reverse switch wires?) were rubbing on the drive shaft and got burned through.

    soldered it up and swapped out for a new fuse (10?) and were good to go.



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      I've rebuilt well over 100 SI boards, here are my observations regarding SI board symptoms:

      SI board controls power and signal for tachometer, MPG gauge, temperature gauge, service lights, and OBC calculations. Fuel gauge, speedometer, odometer and indicator lights are not interfaced with the SI board.

      So any intermittent or non operation of tach, MPG gauge, temp gauge, or service lights is a definite sign your SI board batteries are failing.

      NOTE: Prior to troubleshooting or replacing your SI board batteries you should replace fuse 10, 12, and 21. These old fuses power the cluster and are known to develop micro cracks that can expand/contract depending on temperature.