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Suggestions on color for engine block

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    Originally posted by autox320
    I'll never use black again; grey all the way. Easy on the eyes.
    Ford Grey is what I used. Makes it easier to spot oil leaks in my opinion. A dark engine bay generally makes it harder to see what's going on, as light is not reflected about as much.



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      Mine's blue.


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        Re: Regardless of Color

        Originally posted by uxoman
        I would highly recommend Por-15 engine enamel paint products. The stuff goes on thick and is much harder than ordinary rattle can paint. I did my S14 block for the M2 project. The kit comes with everything you need to insure a long lasting finish. I purchased mine from a local automotive paint supply store, but check out the link.

        Email me at [email protected] if you would like a pic of my S14

        Yep. The body shop who has done 2 cars for me and recently restored my father's camaro insisted on POR-15 Chevy orange for the motor. It does take time to cure though....expect an average setup time but it can stay wet for a week. Good Luck


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          The Por is good stuff.. But fight the urge to apply thick coats. Thin coats will help drying time between applications. Also air movement seems to help setup time with a fan on low.


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            Great! Thanks for all who replied. I will let everyone know what color I choose.


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              Old thread, but can anyone tell me the purpose and/or part number of the screw plug down near the dipstick holder?


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                this screw its the number 12 in this picture...