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    Does anyone keep track, or have information pertaining to how many cars were produced each year, in each specific color?

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      Thanks, but is there any information that shows how many cars in each ext/int color were produced each year?
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      • #4 would be interesting to know the answer to your many cars "by color" (exterior/interior) each year of production?

        Anyone have this info?
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          I'm dying for this info also. Somebody out there should have it.
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            Yeah, I read through the other thread in this section help really. The discussion focused mainly on the rarest colors, like Sterling Silver and Henna here in the USA. That's pretty obvious....I know DS/black isn't "all" that rare, but I believe it is definitely more rare than Alpinweis and the Zinno & Brilliant Reds. Lachsilber seems pretty common as well....seems at gatherings there are fewer DS colored cars than others, and DS/black is likely the most popular combo on DS cars....tan & cardinal interior being less common. DS/Cardinal is pretty rare I believe (for a reason)....not pretty IMO. I really tried to like cardinal when I was looking....I passed on a very low mileage DS/Cardinal (full red) interior in excellent condition, but my family said "no way" was pretty hard on the eyes I must admit...Jet Black/Cardinal may look better (a classic color combo that I love in a 50's/60's Corvette), but the red interior on DS just didn't do it for me.

            But still, it would be great to see the specs on color combinations imported to the USA...surely that information is somewhere, with only 5,300 total cars imported.

            I wonder if BMW "M" Group would have this data logged anywhere?


            Originally posted by M3racer View Post
            I'm dying for this info also. Somebody out there should have it.
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              I think white would probably have been most popular