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Chip programming.

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  • Chip programming.

    Anyone know of a good program for viewing the. Fuel and ignition maps of our chips. It would be great if it could show all the maps. As i understand there is a coupe of them. Selectable using the wires above the glove compartment.

    It's not becauce i'm about to begin editing my ECU values. I just want to view and compare. In the persuit of new knowledge.

    Anyone have good input on this i would be very gratefull.
    Steffen Otto Jensen
    1989 318is
    1989 M3 Cecotto (196/505)

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    There is an easy way to see your M3 E30 Motronic tuning files.
    Software called TunerPRO is available for free from site.
    Executable is here:

    In addition to this file, you need the MAP definition file,
    available here:

    and, the ECU file itself,
    available here:
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      What an excellent tool - very interesting, thanks! Something new to learn :-)


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        I've used tuner pro along with the maf pro system on my mk3 supra. Does anyone know if the maf pro will work on the s14 motor? I know it's along shot but if it works it would be awesome as it converts to speed density and you can get rid of the afm.


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          Gooday S14Turbo.

          The program you recommend is brilliant as it gives me all the base maps I need to tune on a Motec M84. My question for you is what are some of the axis labels which are missing? For example the main part throttle map X is just 130 with no label and the z on the graph is just the number 3. Any help would be much appreciated.

          Cheers Kieran99 from AUstralia.