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about chips and purchasing via ebay...

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  • about chips and purchasing via ebay...

    hi i'm new, i'm a 320is S14B20 italian owner (mechanical engineer) and i've purchased (i just wanted to give it a try, with a lot of mental reservations) a 'tuned chip' for 50 from a german guy that claimed himself to be a slalom-race M3, 320is tuner.

    After installing the chip, sensible knocking after 4500 rpm occurred.

    So i've read the map and changed the ignition advance with a 30 reader/programmer.

    Now it's ok.

    i strongly discourage buying eproms on ebay cause every single car (even if they're all the same) react differently to a new 'heart'.

    The only way to get the correct eprom is to have a test bench and an eprom simulator, doing corrections real-time.



    p.s. i'd like to thank mick from bimmer for getting this forum to my attention
    power is nothing without drift

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    yes, you came to the correct conclusion.

    atleast in Germany,
    99% of those so-called "tuners" on Ebay do not
    know what they are doing and too many of them
    have just copied any chip meant for a completely
    different hardware configuration -- and this
    is resold for any motor. Often there is no change
    to the chip over stock other than MAX RPM, sometimes
    there is complete garbage on the chip.

    Many of todays "chip tuners" often search around for
    unknown (to them) maps in the ECU and modify
    them and watch what the car does different.
    This is the most backwards way to do this and
    in fact "criminal" in regards to that expensive motor.

    Many of the parameters depend on each other, so change
    a map, it might be limited by another parameter which
    you forgot to change... stuff like that happens all the time.

    for the S14 there is no need to go to ebay, just read around
    on this forum where you can get chips from reputable people.



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      It looks like your skepticism was well founded, so you really did not lose anything.
      Especially as you detected the preignition quickly.
      Most people in your situation would have destroyed the engine as they don't have mechanical sympathy or sensitivity.