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After installing JC chip, fuse/relay 10 keeps shorting out.

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  • After installing JC chip, fuse/relay 10 keeps shorting out.

    Well, I just got my JC chip in the mail from one of the members on the board. I got the chip installed with out a hitch, and the car started and idled fine. I let the car idle for about 5 minutes, then took it for a spin around the neighbor hood. I noticed that my tach and all the guages on the dashboard had died except the MPH gauge although they had been working a minute ago. I took the car back to the driveway and decided to check the relays. I looked at number 10, which is incharge of the intrument cluster, and noticed it had been shorted. So I replaced it with another brown 7.5v relay. I started the car up again, gave it some gas and watched the rpms rise then die in a matter of seconds. I then took a look at the same relay, and sure enough it had shorted again.

    Why would the JC chip be doing this? Could I have hit some bad wires around the ECU? Anyone have any idea how I can fix this? Maybe a higher voltage relay?

    I hope I can get this chip to work. From what I hear, it really awakens the engine.

    Thanks in advance,


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    well Ill assume it worked before the chip install right?

    you disconnected the engine harness, the wires
    from the ECU GND point and then removed the ECU?
    perhaps there was a 3 or 1 wire connector next to ECU
    that you also unplugged? (3 wire version on euro
    version for fuel consumption, rpm and obc IIRC and the
    1 wire version is for AC). So did you reconnect all these
    wires firmly again? is the ECU connector firmly in place?

    Did you have anything else apart? because it is also
    known that if you crimp the wire running to your gearbox
    (reverse switch) that you can cause the instrument cluster
    to die and blow a fuse (forgot the number). Perhaps
    you should check it, might be pure coincidence...

    BTW, you meant FUSE, not relay I believe.
    The are rated in AMPS not VOLTS. e.g. you replaced
    a 7.5 amp fuse. Fuses have a reason for being rated to
    a certain amperage. You do not fix a SHORT that
    is blowing fuses, by increasing the capacity of the fuse.
    The fuse is there to protect your circuits. Some of those
    circuits cost a lot more money than the price of a 25 cent