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  • chip location?

    Can someone please tell me where the chip is located on the car? I am trying to find out what kind of chip my 1989 M3 has in there right now before I decide to install a performance chip like the Comforti or the igomotiv. Thanks.

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    if you don't know where the chip is you should not be messing with it . Any way it's in the computor ,which is above the glove box.


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      I just simply wanted to know where it is located on the car so as to save me time to look for it. Any way, I just spent 20 minutes taking it out and putting it back. It is a standard Bosch unit similar to my Porsche & Lotus Esprit. I found out that I already have a Dinan Chip (D900-2321) in it. I have ordered a igomotiv chip more than a month ago, and it is still on back order. I may just cancel it and go with the Comforti chip. Does any one think that the igomotiv chip is safe enough to use since it is considered a fairly new product? Which one is better? Any thoughts?


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        iigomotiv is better AND safer. You will get more power with less detonation then conforti.
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