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Piggy-backing two chips in the motronic..

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  • Piggy-backing two chips in the motronic..

    Anybody had experience of running more than one chip and having a cockpit switch to toggle between the two maps?

    Munich Legends suggested this to me a while back and offered to piggy back a Group N chip on the standard one.

    Any thoughts on whether this would make sense. I can't decide in my head whether a properly mappped chip for your car (thinking Bexley, UK) is going to be the most efficient AND the fastest, or whether you could tailor 1 map for outright performance and another for economy/drivability.


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    That sounds like a lot more trouble than it's worth. If driven the same way, maybe you would save 1-2 mpg with a stock chip. I have always thought, however, that a performance chip tuned to your car would make it burn the fuel more efficiently and therefore get better fuel long as you don't use the newfound power. I don't really know that though..just my intuition.
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