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Dynotest Results - GIAC, IIGOMOTIV, DINAN Chips 56K Warning

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  • Dynotest Results - GIAC, IIGOMOTIV, DINAN Chips 56K Warning

    Dyno testing is not an exact science, and there are many variables that were not tested, so your experience can be quite different than my results. (YMMV) The purpose of this test was merely for educational / entertainment purposes and in no way can prove under all varying conditions which chip is "better" than the other. There are many debates on which type of dyno gives the most accurate results, and there are many resources online to research if you want to hear different opinions on that topic.
    I am not posting this to discredit any chip manufacturer. There are different chips available for different applications, octanes, and even custom chips for more modified cars. I only submit this as food for discussion.

    If all graphs do not load, please refresh the page.

    Chips Tested: Stock, Dinan Gen 4 (D900-2321), iigomotiv (SS-California), and GIAC (2.3)

    1987 Stock Car with 136,xxx on the clock
    Filled up with Chevron 91 octane
    Car was warmed up (30 miles of freeway driving)
    Runs were performed on a Dynojet
    Each chip was tested 3 times in sequential rotation so that engine temperature could be ruled out as a contributing factor in different results.
    Inbetween each run a large fan and mist was placed on the instake manifold to cool it down in order to stabilize the readings and maintain optimal power.
    Outside temp was 80 deg. (warm day)





    Now for comparative graphs:

    All Combined Power:

    All Combined Torque:

    My condensed conclusion:
    It's suprising how similar some of the chips performed. More aggressive timing for just a little bit of power isn't always the best. (detonation, pinging)
    Draw your own conclusions. [peace]
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    Andre, those are pretty interesting numbers. Thanks for sharing all this information with us.


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      wow. very interesting. id be very curious as to how the jc chip woulda turned out. oh well *shrug*. thanks very much for the effort!

      looks better than it runs :/


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        Something just isn't right here. I have never seen or heard of a stock US 192hp 2.3 liter M3 making 174rwhp. Assuming 18% loss, the engine would have to be making 214HP. Stock numbers are typically 155rwhp/140ft/lbs or so and the difference between stock and aftermarket chips is huge. They just wouldn't be making around the same peak figures. Are you positive that was a stock chip?

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          iigomotiv is putting out 4 less HP than stock?


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            Originally posted by ///Mflossin
            iigomotiv is putting out 4 less HP than stock?

            :ha: take it easy.
            These results are specific to that car, that dyno, under those atmospheric conditions.

            Even for Andre's car, if you compare the Iigo chip to stock using the torque plot, you'll see that over the road, the Iigo chip will absolutely bury the stock chip.

            Looking at the peak numbers tells you very little.
            It is the size of the area below the plotted curve that has a little more relevance.

            Thanks Andre for the effort and generosity in taking the time and expense.


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              That is fascinating....I am surprised it has taken someone this long to do such a test.

              Good work Darkstar!

              I do agree with the other poster, the baseline numbers for the stock car do seem kind of high. Might just be that it is an unusually optimistic dyno. I am surprised that the aftermarket chips apparently offered no significant advantage. You would think that simply advancing the timing a bit, which I assume all the chips do, would offer a noticable gain.

              It also reflects I think on the way our "butt dynos" work when we buy parts for the cars. Since we spent our money and installed the part, we tend to convince ourselves there is a huge improvement whether there really is or not.


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                I assumed that this chip was the stock one as it was inside the box that the Dinan chip came in and had no distinguishable features to indicate it was aftermatket.
                It has "1Z67355316" printed on the reflective sticker on top. Can anyone pls. confirm that this is/ or is not the stock chip?

                Also, I suspect that the hot engine combined with the cooled intake manifold boosted the power a bit higher than what would normally be expected. Also, since it was run on a centrifugal dyno, I have read that the results can be a bit different than power results on the street, as it does not have the same load as you would driving on a road. Also the STD correction factor used usually produces a bit more optimistic numbers.
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                  Originally posted by ///Mflossin
                  iigomotiv is putting out 4 less HP than stock?
                  It sounds like the iggo chip was a california spec chip, which according to iggo is less aggressive than a non-CA chip.
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                    yes, our Cali chips are specifically tuned to work with 91 Octane and will not post the same numbers and our non-Cali chips. our testing and development has shown significant improvements over stock AND other tuners' chips, across dozens of vehicles, locations, dynos, locations, and racetracks.
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                      sweet....I know that I have a non-CA chip.


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                        Re: Dynotest Results - GIAC, IIGOMOTIV, DINAN Chips 56K Warning

                        Originally posted by Darkstar M3
                        1997 Stock Car with 136,xxx on the clock
                        Is this an e36?


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                          Originally posted by xsmotor
                          Is this an e36?
                          good catch! sorry 1987. I have fat fingers :p
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                            does it matter if the Dyno is a bit optimistic? And even if yes, it doesn't matter as ALL the chips will produce the same optimistic
                            numbers as they have been tested on the same dyno.
                            I don't think you can make a chip test any better than that.
                            Thanks for sharing!

                            Goodbye M3, you served me well.


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                              very interesting!
                              WOW .....8400 rpms !!!