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    im about to buy a performance chip for my M3, my M3 have a 530 chip that the ex owner put, i have a cut at 5500 RPM, and maybe other inyection things
    i want to know, does the Fuel COnsumption of the performance chip is a lot? if i drive the car slowly, and moderate, will it be diferrent from the original chip?

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    If your car stops pulling at 5500rpm that is a different problem than your chip and you should get that fixed before getting a chip. If you drive your car equally hard before and after getting the chip your fuel mileage should go up because the ignition is burning the fuel more completely, thus the engine will be more efficient.
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      Yes you do get better mileage, but I doubt you will notice it, because if you are like me after installing the chip you will drive a lot more aggressively more often! However isn't the stock rev cut off at 6800 or 7200 rpm?